Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Can you see

I love love love this t-shirt by Roberto Piqueras.  Have you taken your fashion eye test?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Had me at hello

I really really want these chunky cable knit over-the-knee socks from TopShop, but they're sold out! I'm so sad. I really want olive green, but I'd be happy with the charcoal pair if I could find them.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Gift giving

I still really really want these Burberry Prorsum Shearling booties!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

It's cold baby

Loving the trapper hat so I bought one thinking I'll wear it back in
Ohio; turns out I'll need it down here!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sequin yeeah

Just impulse bought some sequin ankle socks that I'm going to wear with a black pencil skirt and black booties... Cannot wait!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Camel dream

Everytime I'm in my store working I stare at the luscious camel coat across the way at Ann Taylor.  The coat is so dreamy.  It's a great length, the black buttons give it character, and this trend is everywhere.  Sure my store Benetton has tons of coats even in camel, but the blend of cashmere and the vibrant color at Ann Taylor made the decision to turn to our rival a no brainer.  It's nearly double the price over at Ann Taylor but since they're a huge corporation they're able to offer coupons and credit cards, which I took advantage to avoid paying full price.  I am more than happy with my purchase.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The heel

I love this pose!  I love how it shows off that wonderful wedge heel.


Sunday, September 05, 2010

Drew B

Drew Barrymore has great style, and this look in no exception. I'm loving the skinny cargo pants, and I die for the wedges! But the horse hair weave jacket - that's a no for me.

Source: LeFashion

Saturday, September 04, 2010

A dream


I just tried these on at Aldo and I love them so!... and with the fleece fur - ahhh bahnanas

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010


The jacket.  The top.  The jeans.  The shoes.  The clutch.

Source: Denimology

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Getting this

Lined printed chiffon dress with pockets!  Sold at Alloy for $45.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lets color

My obsession these days is this lip stain from Tarte.  Well they call it a lip stain, but it's deep and powerful enough to be called a lipstick.  It's in the form of a crayola crayon which is perfect for lining your lips with.  I grabbed them in Fiery (red) and Lively (hot pink), two of the more dramatic colors so I don't feel all that comfortable wearing them to my office job, but my retail job gets it all day.  I never have to reapply and it never gets on my teeth.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Alloy heels

How cute are these pumps from  I love love love the green suede, and the interesting heel is to die.  Alloy calls them the Parker Wedge and they're only $33.  They're tall though.... Five inches tall, but the platform will help you non-heel walkers balance.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Urban Outfitters sells $400 bags!  $450 to be exact, for this Dulce Leather Frontier Satchel.  I love this bag, but I certaintly did not expect to see Marc by Marc Jacobs prices in Urban Outfitters.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tis the wonk wonk season

Wow another bachelor/bachelorette breakup.  Now it's Ed and Jillian in the gossip columns.  This is not surprising at all; what is surprising is that they lasted so long.  If you can recall, this couple started out on a challenging note when Ed was accused of playing Jillian during the show with two other women.  Ed and Jillian denied denied denied and continued dating... until now.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another one bites the dust

Bachelor Jake and Vienna have split up.  I know, not surprising at all.  He chose her because he thought she was hot and challenging.  Why is it that men say they want to get married, but choose the most unmarriable candidates?  Have you been watching Ali this season?  I feel she's destined for the same fate with this selection, but we'll see.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I don't know who makes these, but I saw them and my eyes popped out of their sockets!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Recycle your ex-bf

Did you guys watch the premiere episode of Downtown Girls on MTV? It comes on after The City so it was easy for me to tune in. The show is about the lives of five single professional cute girls. Shallon is a writer for and does the voice-over on the show. She is quite the funny character too. The inspiration for posting about the show is the fact that the girls had a "recycle your ex" party where each girl brings an ex-boyfriend with them to the party and the other single girls can pounce on him in hopes of making a love connection. The idea is a great thought but with lots and lots of flaws. First of all why would I want to date my bff's ex-boyfriend?!!! Isn't that the number one girl rule for dating? Since I'm single it led me to think: why didn't they just have a mixer where each single girl brings a single male FRIEND-zone to the party who the girls can hopefully mate with? Of course the party was a disaster. The girls ended up hooking up with (surprise) their own ex-boyfriends, and one girl hooked up with one of her friend's ex's which really turned the party sour. In the end, it didn't work and the girls met the next day to confirm that they do not want each other's leftovers.

Friday, May 21, 2010


These JBrand fitted cargo pants are everywhere on every fashionista celebrity. I got my knockoff pair at Martin and Osa. Way way less.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Statement rings

I'm in love with this ad sent to my inbox from They're calling it: Statement Rings - from the Muna collection. So gorg, and reasonable priced ranging from $28 - $148.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Stupid BP

I just spent $3 per gallon on gas today.... There goes my Louis Vuitton bag fund.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Strappy dream

I saw this Nine West strappy dream in my Harper's Bazaar magazine and DIED, so of course I had to go and try them on with the hopes that they'll work and end up in my closet. Sad times. The 9 (my usual size) was too big and the 8.5 was too small. I'm not kidding when I say I'm really upset about this.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Dear bangs: please grow out.

Photo source: and

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Tax day

I just literally got my taxes done and out the door. Talk about procrastination, and it happens every year. Anyway some retailers are giving away treats to celebrate the day. The one that stands out to me: Starbucks. Free brewed coffee all day (Thursday only) if you bring your own mug. I know where I'll be stopping before work. By the way, I'm sure that your mug does not have to be a Starbucks mug.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

What time is it

I thought I knew the time then I looked my at watch and it said 2:00pm, the same time it said when I looked at my watch say two hours ago?! I took it to a watch repair shop thinking I only needed a battery. He said no it's, actually I don't know what he said the problem was because it sounded like Greek. My watch is so old that I told him not to fix it, that I'll just buy myself a new one with Michael Kors in the back of my mind. I have been obsessed with Michael Kors watches lately. They're so big and bold that I don't know if my tiny wrist can pull it off, but I want one and I need it in gold. These are the one's I like best. They go for around $250.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Oh Kim

Kim out and about in Miami yesterday. Who needs Reggie?!

Photo source:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

24 - No spoiler

Oh my God did you know that this season is the final season of 24? Well I didn't! I don't know why I'm taking it so hard; after last season I was very much ready for this mind rushing series to be over. However, this season is thrilling so far and has me longing for more every week. Have the ratings gone down? Is Jack, I mean Kiefer, asking for more money? And by the way, whatever Jack wants he should get. Are eight seasons just long enough? Whatever the case I hope it's a situation where the producers are trying to keep the viewers on our toes and will say April Fools soon. My February's and March's must have Jack in them!

Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm never going to breathe again

Once again I die over Mary Kate's style

Photo source:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New H&M in NC

H&M has finally decided to grace the state of North Carolina, specifically Raleigh, with its presence. Grand opening was last Thursday and of course it was a frenzy. My friend called in to work and told his boss he's not coming in just so he could go and brave the crowd. He stood in line for an hour and a half and told me there had to be around 700 people there, but he said it was worth it because he picked up some very nice pieces. I got there at around 6PM and the crowd was not nearly as bad - the positive. The negative - everything had been picked over. I did manage to find some pieces to stand in the fitting room line for. It wound up taking 40 minutes of standing and slow moving before I was able to get in a room. I had a hand full of stuff mostly because I pulled two sizes in everything knowing that H&M runs small. I usually wear a size 2 so I pulled both 2 and 4. There was no need for me to even try-on any of the size 2 stuff because OH MY GOD I could barely fit in the size 4! I cannot believe that I have to go up TWO sizes to get into H&M clothes, that's just ridiculous. Anyway, I got nothing because I wasn't about to stand in line for another 40 minutes.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring means bugs

Spring is finally here which means the hornets and the wasps and the yellow jackets start swarming around my apartment. Why oh why can't they leave me alone? They really freak me out. Right now I think they are outside my window because I don't hear that terrifying buzzing sound, but somehow they get in and hijack my living room where my life (my television) is. My landlord gave me a spray for hornets that squirts like a hose, but I'm still frightened just before pulling the trigger that they'll see me spraying and come after me full speed ahead. Their floating shadow brings me nightmares and paranoia. I just hope it's not followed by a buzzing noise.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Space Issues

I've officially run out of space on my DVR. I was worried about it last night while trying to watch some programs in order to delete them to make room, but I kept falling asleep. So I didn't get to delete Locked Up Abroad, Kell On Earth, and The Bachelor Wedding like I planned. They remain on my list clogging up space, along with a whole lot of other programs. It's gotten so bad that tonight I will not have enough room to record American Idol. Gasp I know! My store manager, who is also a TV whore, advised me to just start deleting stuff that won't kill me to see, but it's all important to me. I want to see Patti Stanger tell that millionaire seeker that she's ugly. I want to hear Oprah tell me not to text while driving, and I want to laugh while Kelly Cutrone tells that stressed out employee to take it outside. I need a vacation day just to watch TV!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Bachelor recap After the Final Rose

We're in front of a live audience three months after Jake chose Vienna. Host Chris Harrison greets us and right off the back introduces Tenley to come out onto the couch. Before talking with her though they show a recap of the lack of proposal. We come back and of course Tenley is tearing up. Chris asked her what she thought Jake meant when he said there was a lack of physical chemistry, and she replied that she still doesn't know what Jake meant. But in watching the show as it aired Tenley admitted that with Vienna Jake was completely different. She said she's nervous to see Jake again. Jake comes out and hugs Tenley. After Tenley compliments how he smells she asked him how he's doing then asked why again. Again, Jake stumbles on his words then admits he really didn't feel a magical spark with her, but he tells her that he really did love her. She tears up and they hug it out.

Tenley leaves and Jake and Chris can talk. Jake tells Chris how much in love with Vienna he is and that their relationship is like a fairytale. He said Vienna is all that and more. Although she was a controversial choice he said people need to trust that he made the right decision. Chris introduces Vienna and Jake and Vienna hug for like 60 seconds because this is their first time seeing each other since the process ended. It's clear that she's lost some weight, but something about her face looks weird. Maybe it's that shotty makeup job she always does. They tackle all of the rumors that have been in the tabloids: she dumped, she's cheating on him. They showed us the huge rock she's wearing and reiterate that they're together and in love. She said she's about to move to Dallas to move in with Jake, but there's no wedding date set yet. Chris tells them that the show is sending them back to St. Lucia for a vacation without the cameras, then a live performance/serenade from you guessed it Jeffrey Osborne singing On The Wings Of Love. Of course they dance and kiss and dip.

Chris Harrison is back alone to introduce the new and latest bachelorette - Ali. I knew it! Chris tells her that she's so loved by the whole country. I did like her a lot until she ended up being so dumb on The Bachelor. She's excited, Chris is excited, everyone is flipping excited. On top of that Dancing With The Stars just announced that Jake will be a contestant on the show this season. Oh goodness. Well I'm sure I'll be watching both. By the way, how awkward was it that they kept advertising Jason and Molly's wedding before and after they'd advertise Melissa (dramatically dumped by Jason) for Dancing With The Stars?!

The Bachelor recap Final Rose

Oh my what a finale. I found myself literally going back and forth for most of the episode: He's gonna pick Tenley, no Vienna. I just couldn't call it. We start with Jake in St. Lucia walking the beach alone telling us how in love he is with two women. Jake then heads to a beach house to meet his family who flew in to meet the two women he has fallen in love with. They sit down Jake tells them about Tenley and Vienna. He admits to them that all the women chasing Jake hated Vienna and his mom yelled out red flag. Jake kicks himself for telling his family that fact about Vienna. Tenley is first to meet Jake's family: his parents, his two brothers and their wives. They sit around and grill Tenley, then his mom takes her out alone for a private grilling, then his dad, in which she passes with flying colors. Then Jake has his own test for Tenley. He jumps in the pool with his clothes on and Tenley jumped in after him with her clothes on - she passed! How is Vienna top this? Well she's up next to try. The family sit around talking and Vienna admits that the girls hated her from the start of the process. Awkward silence. Jake's mom takes him away and tells him that she doesn't like Vienna. The two sisters-in-law talk to Vienna for a double team grilling. They were relentless to start, but she won them over. Mom's turn. She told Vienna that it worries her that she did not get along with the other women in the house. Vienna defended herself and won his mom over too.

Still in St. Lucia it's time for the individual dates. Vienna is up first and they go to a water fall stream where they strip down to their bathing suits and pretty much mud wrestle. They clean themselves off from the water fall then have champagne and make out. Later on he shows up at Vienna's beach house where she presents to him her promise ring and a touching poem. They lay around in each other arms and she tells him she's scared about the next rose ceremony. They kiss and he leaves.

Tenley is up next for her last hurrah with Jake. They get on a boat to go snorkeling and it's so cool what the camera is capturing. The coral reef is amazing. They get back on the boat and Jake is acting distant. Tenley asks Jake if everything is okay and he says to her that he's concerned that they have no physical chemistry, but the emotional chemistry is great. She's confused because she feels the physical chemistry and passion. Jake pretty much just told us who he is going to choose. Men always lead with their pecker... The pecker picks! That's Patti Stanger's line by the way. Jake arrives at Tenley's beach house to a romantic setting (poor Tenley is trying hard). She immediately asks him to clarify what he was talking about on the boat. He stumbled through some words trying to make her feel better, but it would have made me feel worse. She however took it as a challenge. She presented him with a collage of their time together then tongue him down.

It's engagement day! Jake tells us that he's still undecided. Whatever - you know. Neil Lane the jeweler comes to Jake's door to show him engagement rings. The salesman asks Jake to tell him about the girl so he can help him choose a ring, but Jake still doesn't know which girl he's going to give the ring to. He does know however that one girl like a round cut stone and the other a princess cut stone. What do you know, there's a ring there for both women, now choose one. The salesman told him to take both of the rings and decide later which one to keep. That round cut ring was amazing! Heck the princess cut is beautiful too. He sits down and reflects while staring at both rings. Which one will he choose? He takes one of the ring boxes and puts it in his jacket. He now knows his decision is right. They show both girls getting ready in their individual rooms simultaneously then boarding their own helicopter at the same time. Oh my God this is it, who will arrive first?

A helicopter is approaching Jake as he is standing there waiting. It lands and Tenley steps out. I knew it! I cannot believe Vienna won this thing. Tenley looks gorgeous in her gold strapless gown. She walks towards Jake filled with hope and smiles. He's not smiling, he's staring at the ground shaking his head then begins to speak. With all of that Tenley already knows she's not the one. While crying he tells her she's perfect and that he loves her. He says something between them just doesn't feel right. She gracefully cries and tells him because of him she knows that she can feel love again. They hug and cry, then Jake walks her out. She asks him why is he saying goodbye to her and he answers there is some part of him that is not natural with her. Host Chris Harrison is standing there to walk her the rest of the way to the car. Poor girl is crying her eyes out.

Another helicopter is approaching and Jake is checking out the princess cut ring he chose. Vienna exits the helicopter and Chris Harrison walks her towards Jake. I must say that Vienna's dress is absolutely gorgeous. A teal chiffon gown with an asymmetrical one shoulder wide band that comes down to a cinched waist courtesy of a shiny skinny teal belt. I'm not doing the dress's description justice. She arrives to Jake where they hug. She tells him she's really scared and that she doesn't want to lose him. She also tells him that she's in love with him. This girl is talking a lot. Jake starts by saying to her that she needs to take the promise ring she gave him back. Of course she immediately thinks it's because he's dumping her. She looks so sad. Jake follows by saying he loves her and she looks relieved and kisses him. He gets down on one knee and opens the ring box and asks her to marry him. She answers yes. Wow I cannot believe she won, just like she said she'd do in episode two or three.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Die!

Mary Kate in Burberry at Burberry fall show


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Bachelor recap week 8

The title of this episode is "The Women Tell All", and boy did they ever. First the show focused on past bachelors and bachelorettes and their hook-up moments with each other and their charitable contributions to society, but I'm gonna skip all that. The women tell all panel consisted of the fourteen most memorable girls of the season in front of a studio audience. Ali got a lot of screams from the audience after her introduction, which again leads me to say please oh please don't make her the new bachelorette. They first discussed how hot they all think Jake is. Then Ashleigh tried to convince us that she intentionally tripped out of the limo and into Jake's arms at their initial meeting. They talked about psycho Michelle, uber happy Tenley, Elizabeth the tease, drama queen Vienna. A lot of the first segment though focused on Rozlyn; the girl who was kicked off the show for having inappropriate relations with a staff member of the show. Gia said that as Rozlyn's roommate she had a lot of knowledge of her whereabouts. Jessie told us that she actually saw them on the stairs making out. Ella said that Rozlyn told the girls to let the staff member know that she's looking for him to you know...

On this episode we have the girls who were so memorable that they get a special spotlight shown on them by going to the couch to talk to host Chris one-on-one. Gia was first up for this segment of the show. They start out by putting together a heartfelt package of Gia and Jake's time together while we get a picture-in-picture view of Gia's expressions as she's watching it with us. All I could think was don't cry girl don't cry. She held it together. The interview was basic; we knew she had regrets and is sad.

Psycho Michelle is next up in the hot seat, and course she tries to convince us that the editing made her look worse than she is and that she does not need therapy. She said that the show is not designed for one to find love, but Ali knocked that thought process down. Chris asked the other women on the panel if they thought the depiction of Michelle was fair, and the girls agreed it was a fair portrayal.

Ali's turn to get on the couch for the spotlight. She's crying and tells us the decision was very emotional for her, and that she still misses Jake. She tells us she chose her job over Jake because she was afraid to be heartbroken, and her job is a safe haven for her. I hope it keeps her warm at night. Chris asked her about her nemesis Vienna. Ali responds by saying she's disappointed in how she treated Vienna and that we all need to be supportive of Vienna because she is getting trashed in the tabloids. She even looked to the camera and apologized to Vienna while sitting on the couch. Don't make me laugh Ali! Ali said she's going to work now at putting love first, and Chris tells her she has a lot of fans all around the country. I was super team Ali, but her decision making skills leave a lot to be desired.

We come back from commercial break and the cameras are following Rozlyn and a big goon staff member from backstage headed towards the set. So many jokes come to mind right now. Rozlyn comes out to the stage and sits in the hot seat. Chris asks Rozlyn if anything physical with the staff member ever happened in the house and Rozlyn emphatically denied it. Chris compared Rozlyn's story to that of his kid when he has an elaborate story about unicorns and magicians.... Interpretation - Rozlyn you're a liar! Then he brings the women into it and they go to town on Rozlyn one-by-one. Christina admits to seeing Rozlyn and this guy constantly cuddling and thigh rubbing. Jessie tells Rozlyn she saw them kissing on the stairs, and Rozlyn denies it on her child's life! Ella said her two cents and Rozlyn - deny deny deny. Then she asked Chris where were the cameras to catch her so-called love affair. Chris responded by saying the cameras aren't filming 24-hours straight and this staff member more than likely knew where the recorded cameras were in order to sneak around. Rozlyn then took a below-the-belt jab by saying Chris was hitting on the staff member's wife in New Zealand. Chris responded by saying he hopes Rozlyn will become a better person from this. Wow.

Jake is here and he gets a seat next to Chris. Chris gets right into it and asked him about his breakup with Gia. Jake apologized to Gia and reiterated that he made the right decision. Chris then asked Jake about Ali leaving. He told Ali that he hated that she left and thought she would change her mind before the limo took off. He told her he'd always be her friend and Ali had to wipe her tears.

The show ends with a summary of Tenley and Vienna, the two remaining women for Jake to choose to propose. I think it will be Tenley, but he seems to pick Vienna just as everyone thinks it's her last week. Should be good!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Girl Crush

Lauren Conrad looks stunning as a brunette. I can't stop staring at her!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another must have

My eyes just popped out of their sockets! Look at these shoes and see if the same doesn't happen to you. These shoes are from the runway of Michael Kors' fall 2010 collection. Oh my goodness please don't make me wait until next fall; I must have them now!

Photo source:

Friday, February 19, 2010

Visit Hong Kong

My nail just broke. My hand now looks ridiculous. Perhaps I can salvage that with a witty new nail color. OPI has launched the Hong Kong collection; all really fun vibrant colors that are suppose you make you think of the Chinese culture. A really really tough decision when forced to choose just one. I went with Panda-monium Pink. Pink is everywhere this spring so this variation of it makes me feel different but still on trend. I love this shade on my hands, and I've gotten compliments!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Bachelor recap week 7

We start with Jake in his St. Lucia room recapping his time with the three remaining women: Gia, Tenley, and Vienna. He tells us that he's baffled that Ali is really gone. Then they actually cut to Ali in her San Francisco home. She tells us that her job means nothing without love in her life and that she's going to fight for Jake by telling him how she feels. Oh boy, don't do it!

Jake's first date in St. Lucia is with Gia, the 26 year old swimsuit model. They greet each other with hugs and kisses, then head to the market via boat. They interact with the locals, drink from a coconut, and dance in the streets. They put on their bathing suits, jump in the water and make-out while the sun sets. At night they change into their evening clothes, but her hair is distracting me. She has on a bedazzled headband with a handful of bang in her face that has been affected by the humidity. They tell each other about themselves while having dinner and how they would be with their partner. Gia is amazed that Jake knows what he wants in a partner, but I don't understand why since he's been expressing himself throughout the entire process. She might be a little slow. They get in a hammock and drink champagne, then he does it; Jake gives Gia the fantasy suite card. As she reads it aloud her voice irks me more and more. Jake asks if she wants to spend the night with him in the fantasy suite and Gia says yes. They strip down to their bathing suits and get in the rose pedaled bubble bath and make-out. He tells us he could propose to her.

Jake's second date in St. Lucia is with Tenley, the 25 year old college admissions clerk. They greet each other with hugs and kisses in a grass field, where stands a helicopter. He takes her up and they fly around the island then land to have a picnic. She asks him how he'll pursue her when this process is over. He replies by picking up and taking her somewhere via plane. Then he says in 20 years he'll still have a boy crush on his wife. Um how do you know what you'll feel in 20 years? They walk on the black sand holding hands; they get in their bathing suits and head to the water. They make-out while in the water and she calls him a naughty boy. At night they get dressed up and head to a private dinner. They hold hands and talk about falling in love with each other. Then he asks her to dance (to no music) and dips her numerous times, which leads her to say to him "dip me forever". Back at the table he tells her he has something to give her that he's really excited about. She reads the fantasy suite card and tells him yes she'll stay with him overnight.  They tour the room and she reminds him that she doesn't do this with just anyone.   They jump in their private pool and make-out. 

The final date in St. Lucia is with Vienna, the 23 year old marketing representative. They are at a dock staring at the ship that was used in the movie Pirates Of The Caribbean.  She's super (annoyingly) giggly and he calls her playful and kiddish.  They lie down and make-out on the ship (get a room).  Jake puts on a bandanna, holds a plastic machete and acts like a pirate.  They jump in the water from the ship and laugh and play.  I cannot stand her smile;  It looks so forced and fake.  They lay on the beach and make-out and play in the sand and water.  At night they get dressed in evening wear and head to dinner.  I just don't understand why her makeup never changes.  He asks her when she wants to start having kids and if she's really ready to be married.  He asks her what she's expecting from a marriage.  He asks her what kind of engagement ring she would like.  If he chooses her I'm going to die (I sound like Ali)!  She asks him if he could see her as his wife.  He answers yes, but he has fallen for the other two women too.  She tells him she cannot see her life without him in it and that she is in love with him.  He thanks her and gives her the fantasy suite card.  She says yes and they head off.  Without hesitation she goes off and changes into a white nightie and they go the rose pedal covered bed and make-out.  She interrupts the make-out session by getting up to close the door on the cameras.  Good-night.

The next day as Jake is getting dressed his room phone rings and it's Ali on the other end.  She tells him that she's a mess and that she now knows she made the wrong choice.  She tells him that she wants to come back and he shouldn't let her fear and her mistake prevent them from finding out if the two of them are really a match.  He's silent.  She continues to apologize and tells him she doesn't want to be a workaholic.  She asks him to let her come back to see her even for just a second.  She tells him her feelings for him are even stronger.  She's clearly doing most of the talking.  He thanks her and tells her how hurt he was when she left.  He tells her the week they missed together was a critical week and that he's in love with the other women.  She said she'll forever regret that decision.  They hang up.  What a dummy.  Should have thought of the repercussions.  I really hope she's not the next bachelorette. 

Jake finishes getting dressed after that rude interruption.  He meets host Chris Harrison to discuss the week with the girls.  Then he leaves Jake to reflect, stare at pictures, and listen to the girls' video plea.  As he's watching the videos the girls arrive one-by-one for the rose ceremony.  Chris Harrison greets the women, reminds them that one girl will be going home then introduces Jake. Jake gives the first rose to Tenley, no surprise. The second rose goes to....... Vienna! He's going to marry Tenley or Vienna. Gia is going home. He takes Gia's hand and walks her to a bench to speak privately. She is sweating profusely, but I love that she's trying not to cry. He tells her his feelings for the other two women are stronger. She tells him that she understands because the two remaining girls are great girls. Wow what a good sport. She tells us that she's shocked and disappointed. Jake goes back and hugs the last two girls who are grinning ear-to-ear. He tells them they will finally get to meet his family. Next week is the reunion with the dumped 23 girls. Should be good.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Topsy Curvy

I love the idea of a boxy oversized top paired with the trendy very fitted bandage skirt. Obviously you have to be figure conscious to pull this look off, but done right this look can be stylishly worn during the day or out at night.

All tops from Urban Outfitters. All bottoms from BCBG.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Vote for me!

United Colors of Benetton is having a competition in which the winner of a global casting for "regular" people will be flown to NYC to appear in their Fall/Winter 2010 ad campaign. So log on and vote for me please (suduke is my searchable name)!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

McQueen gone

What a sad day today. Fashion designer Alexander McQueen was found not breathing in his apartment. The world is going to miss this talented man. Read more at UK's DailyMail.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Bachelor recap week 6

It's hometown visit week with the four remaining girls' families. Jake packs up from San Francisco to head to New York City to see Gia. When Jake gets out of the SUV Gia runs to him and straddles him. Why does she always do that? They get on a ferry where they look at the City, ride by the Statue of Liberty and take numerous pictures of the two of them hugging and kissing. At night they go to a restaurant where Gia's mom, step-dad, step-brother, and half brother are waiting. Gia's mom begins the interrogation at the dinner table then eventually takes him away for a private grilling. There Jake admits to her that he's in love with four women although Gia is different and amazing. Meanwhile Gia and her step-brother talk about how much Gia doesn't want to be hurt again and how she desperately hope it works with Jake. Gia's mom, who looks like a cast member from Jersey Shore, tells Gia that she really likes him and that she feels Jake loves her. But Gia's insecurities are kicking in and she's not buying it. Back at the table Gia's step-brother tells Jake that he'll hunt him down and break a few legs if he breaks Gia's heart. A few legs? By the way, did you notice Gia's mom's Fendi Spy bag? Nice. They say their goodbyes to the family then eventually to each other with smooches on a park bench.

Up next Jake is in Williamstown, MA to meet Ali. When he arrives he jumps out of the SUV to run and grab her. He tells her seeing her current town with her last week and now her hometown this week puts her ahead of the other girls. They play outside with the leaves, kiss and hug. Ali later shares with Jake that her grandmother just passed away then she takes him to her house and the burial site, which Jake seemed to be touch by. At night they go to Ali's parents' house where Jake meets her mom, her older sister, and her younger brother. They sit down to dinner where her mom admits to doing a search of Jake online. After talking Ali up, her mom asks Jake to join her outside for a private conversation. There Jake asks Ali's mom for her blessing if he were to offer Ali an engagement ring. Wow I don't recall him asking Gia's parents that question. Ali's mom tells Ali that she looks forward to planning a wedding. Ali and Jake sneak off to talk alone and Ali tells Jake she wants him and if he proposed to her today that she'd say yes. Slow your roll girl. They kiss and say goodbye.

Jake is now in Newberg, OR to see Tenley. The SUV drops Jake off in a park where Tenley goes running into his arms. I just love her hair, and she has on a really cute full-skirt raincoat. They hangout alone in the park where Tenley asks him what role in his decision making do his parents play. Apparently her ex-husband was brainwashed by his parents. Jake admits that he runs almost everything by his parents since they give good advice, but the decision is ultimately his. She said she was happy with his answer, but how could she be? She later takes him to a dance studio where she danced a self choreographed piece for him. She is a beautiful contemporary dancer. They're off to her parents' house where he meets her dad, mom, and younger sister. They sit down at the dinner table where Tenley tells them that on the first night Jake gave her the first impression rose. Tenley's dad tells Jake to follow him to the den for a private chat. He tells Jake they watched the Bachelorette last season and wished Jake for Tenley. Later Tenley and her dad talk about Jake and her dad breaks down and starts crying. Who wants to see their dad cry, but it was touching. At the same time Jake is talking to Tenley's mom about if Tenley is really ready to remarry. Her mom reassures him that Tenley is ready. Outside Jake asks Tenley's dad for his permission to ask Tenley to marry him. Oh my God I guess this means Gia is out, Ali and Tenley are in. Tenley and Jake say goodbye after kissing.

In Sanford, FL Jake is meeting up with Vienna. She shows up with her daisy dukes on running into Jake's arms. They get on a boat where Jake drives them along a river to spot some turtles and alligators. Vienna wishes Jake good luck in talking to her dad just before heading to her parents' house. There Jake meets Vienna's dad, mom, and sister. Vienna and her dad embrace and cry for about two minutes; kind of awkward. Her dad takes her outside and asks how she feels about Jake, and she tells him she has fallen for him. Vienna's dad takes Jake alone to the garage where he tells him that he expects Vienna to be treated like a princess the way he treats her. Jake tells him that he doesn't have to worry and that he has fallen for her. Seemed a bit forced from Jake to me. They had a family sit down where her mom tells Jake that Vienna has always had a hard time with other women and that she fights for what she wants. Jake and Vienna sneak off to a room to make-out and her dad busts in to put an end to it. Nice.

Jake is back at his hotel in Los Angels when he hears a knock at the door. It's Ali and she looks distraught. They sit down and she starts crying admitting that she has the most impossible decision to make. She has to choose between staying at The Bachelor or going back to work to avoid being fired. This is so Ed and Jillian from last season's Bachelorette, only Ali asked Jake to help her make the decision; Ed just left. Jake tells Ali to weigh which decision she'll regret the most, but he cannot guarantee her that he will or will not put an engagement ring on her finger. She said she'll think about it and let him know at the rose ceremony. He walks her out and after he shuts his hotel room door she sits on the middle of the floor and cries out loud.

At the rose ceremony Chris Harrison asks Jake what's going on with Ali. Jake explains the situation and says he'll be devastated if she leaves, but he still doesn't know if she's the one. Chris asked Jake to think about the scenario of him choosing someone else and Ali is left without him and without a job. Jake said he understands the situation, but still wants Ali to stay. Meanwhile the four women are standing there waiting for Jake to come and distribute roses when Ali says, "Chris can I talk to you for a second?" Chris then leads her to the room Jake is in and leaves them to talk for a few minutes. They sit down and Ali says she still doesn't know what to do. Jake tells her he doesn't want her to go, that they have something special, and that she was not on the line for tonight's rose ceremony. She talks it out to herself while crying and laying on Jake. He tells her that if she chooses to leave that he'll be heartbroken. She tells him she loves him, kisses him, then Chris Harrison interrupts asking Ali if she's made a decision. At this point now Jake is crying. Ali turns to Jake while crying and says "I have to go". They hug, she apologizes profusely, then he walks her outside to the limo where she continues to apologize. Away she goes. I was just waiting for her to tell the limo driver to stop because she's changed her mind. Jake leans over on the stair rail crying, but quickly gathers himself. I know the economy is bad and working people are happy to have a job, but I'm sure you can find another job if they're not bluffing once the Bachelor process is over. Chris walks Jake to the remaining three women and tells them Ali has left and there will be no rose ceremony tonight. He leaves Jake to talk to the remaining women. Jake cheerfully tells the girls to come and get their roses and tells them they are all going to St. Lucia... cheers! Meanwhile Ali is in the limo having regrets. Looks like next week she gives him a phone call. Oh boy.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Fading trend?

I saw a very cute black sequin blazer in Urban Outfitters on sale for a really good price. However, is it on sale because this trend is quickly going out to style? I'm on a serious budget and should not be splurging on items that will not get any usage from me. I left the blazer in the store, but I'm still thinking of it. A rule I give my friends quite often - if it remains on your mind, get it! After looking at some of the designer lines for Spring, it appears this trend will be around at least a little while longer.

All looks from ShopBop

Friday, February 05, 2010

The Bachelor recap week 5

This episode was a little less dramatic this week. We begin with the five girls riding in a RV to San Francisco with Ali super excited because she currently lives there. The RV arrives to the hotel where Jake greets them with hugs and smiles. Jake shows them to their room then reveals to us that this week there will be three one-on-one dates and one two-on-one date and no rose to distribute during the dates. He gives a date card for the girls to open after he leaves, which says the first one-on-one date belongs to Tenley followed by lots of squeals.

Jake picks Tenley up and they get on an empty trolley and tour the city; their stop - China Town. They walk around holding hands, playing around, write fortune cookies, etc. Jake tells us that he's realizing the he's starting to fall for Tenley, but he still has ample questions to ask her. Meanwhile back at the girls' hotel room another date card arrives and Corrie reads that it's a two-on-one belonging to Ali and Vienna. It's no secret that Ali despises Vienna so the tension in the room is beyond thick. Ali says out loud, "I feel sick right now". After crazy long silence Corrie yells, "just kidding"! Corrie is cracking up and Ali is relieved beyond words. Vienna says she wants to talk to Gia and Corrie without Ali there, but Ali says if she has something to say to say it to her face. Then they go on and on about Jake is not the one for you... you either! By the way, what's with Vienna's makeup? She makes herself look like she has two black eyes. Back to Jake and Tenley's date; they have dinner on the roof with a view of the city. Here he bombards her with questions about her past marriage and past mistakes she's made. Then she asked him since he's a pilot how he feels about fidelity. Then they open the fortune cookies they made earlier and the make-out session begins with a symphony cover of Jeffrey Osborne's On The Wings Of Love playing in the background.

Right before the two-on-one date, which is really with Gia and Vienna by the way, a chest filled with clothes arrives for the two of them to pick out an outfit for the date. They jump in a limo, which takes them to a castle in the middle of a wine vineyard. Jake takes both of their hands and leads them to the top where they have wine. Of course Vienna takes over and Gia is standing there quiet and pretty much invisible. She's talking Jake's ears off even mentioning how much Ali hates her, and sheds some fake tears to gain sympathy. Jake recognizes this and asks Gia to come with him for some alone time. He reassures Gia by telling her he's falling for her and they make-out. While Vienna is sitting there alone she gets it in her head to interrupt them and take over. She takes a lantern and ventures off through the dark castle yelling his name. While Gia and Jake are kissing they hear Vienna calling his name. They stop making out and position themselves to scare her lifeless. She screams and tells Jake she was scared of being there alone in the dark. Gia leaves them alone and there is awkward tension while Jake and Vienna are talking. Vienna tells Jake she's falling for him and he laughs it off. He barely says a word to her during their alone time. He later leads them to their room and hugs them goodnight and goes off to his room. Vienna with another bright idea decides to grab a bottle of wine and trace off to Jake's room and interrupt his resting. The look on his face was not one of happiness to see someone he's into. He even said to her that he wonders what Gia is thinking about Vienna being in his room. He tells her to leave. This girl is so stupid and annoying.

Corrie gets the next one-on-one date. She meets him in a park where they go canoeing. I love canoeing! In the middle of the lake they talk and have a good time, like you would with your brother. But then he leans in close and they stare each other down for like 100 seconds. Jake breaks the tension with "I'm ready for dinner". Awkward! They go to the Science Center for their dinner. They have wine and more conversation where Corrie reveals that she is saving herself for marriage. All of Jake's questions are answered after that revelation, then he finally kisses her.

The next day is Ali's one-on-one date with Jake. She's excited because she gets to show him her everyday life. He comes to the hotel to pick her up and off they go to her neighborhood. They walk by a flower stand and he buys her a bouquet to which she approves of his selection. They stop for brunch, conversation, and kisses. After full stomachs they walk along a pier then stop at an open field and mess around with what appears to be a random soccer ball. They put down a blanket and Jake lays his back down while Ali sits on top of him and attempts to massage his chest. Then he pulls her towards him and they make-out as he's feeling her up... Get a room! But they stop for him to bring up her thoughts on his continuing to choose Vienna at the rose ceremonies. She said she's over it and for him to do whatever he feels. Then they run into the sand and water with her suede boots on! You know Gia would have been like, hold on let me take off my shoes.

Rose ceremony cocktail party time. He makes a speech saying that he's fallen for each girl, and the girls give each other the crazy eyes. He first takes Tenley aside for a private chat. After he reassures her that he's falling for her they dance (to no music playing). Next he takes Corrie away for some privacy. There she tells Jake not to get nervous that she's a virgin, he said he's not. He then pulls Gia for a private chat and she revealed that he passed the character test with him throwing Vienna out of his room after the two-on-one date. He seemed happy to hear that. Next he asks Vienna to follow him somewhere. They actually leave the party and go to his room! He takes her to his balcony and they make-out after a little conversation.

Time to distribute roses. The four women who get roses tonight will get to take Jake home to meet her family. First is Tenley, second Ali, third Gia. No surprise so far. Every week seems like it's going to come down to Vienna and someone else. He chooses Vienna and Corrie is sent home in tears. He tells us it just didn't feel right with he and Corrie and that she took so long to open up to him. Next week should be interesting with the hometown dates.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

SJP carries Louboutin

I am in love with this Christian Louboutin bag Sarah Jessica Parker is carrying. Of course it's complimentary for her since she's carrying it during the filming of Sex and the City the movie 2. Did you know she's the president and chief creative officer for Halston Heritage? Back to the bag; the size of this bag is bananas! I've always been a the-bigger-the-better advocate!

Friday, January 29, 2010

I want a clutch bag

An Envelope Clutch or Oversized Clutch, but fun enough to wear out for evening. Now these are out of my price range for an evening bag, but a similar look i.e. knockoff would make me happy.

1.Perlina  2.Stuart Weitzman  3.Alexander McQueen  4.Marc by Marc Jacobs  5.Giuseppe Zanotti  6.Halston

Photo Source: Zappos, BlueFly, TheOutnet

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Bachelor recap week 4

Oh my goodness what an episode! After only four weeks this season is ranked up there as one of the top bachelor seasons in my opinion. We start with host Chris Harrison arriving at the remaining nine girls' house telling them there will be one one-on-one date, one group date, and one two-on-one date meaning from this last date one of the girls will definitely be leaving that night. He then tells the girls, "everything is about to change". The girls run outside to discover two RVs which will be their new quarters. Then Ella makes some comments that made me think, is she really this country? Anyway, the girls get in the RVs to start the week's road trip. RV1 resides Ali, Tenley, Jessie, Kathryn, and Ella. RV2 contains Vienna, Gia, Corrie, and Ashleigh. Ali and Tenley are super excited that they are not in the same RV as Vienna, and the feeling is mutual. The girls then start fantasizing that the two-on-one date will belong to Ali and Vienna, which to Gia is equivalent to a Tyson/Holyfield match.

As the RVs drive up the California coast the scene is gorgeous. They arrive to a vineyard in Santa Ynez where Jake is standing there waiting. Jake says hi and later leaves for his tent, but before he leaves he hands Gia a date card and tells her to read it after he's long gone. Gia reads the card to everyone revealing she is the lucky girl who gets the one-on-one date. She's contemplating how to dress for a date on camp grounds. To stiletto or not to stiletto. Jake arrives to pick Gia and her Louis bag up on his motorcycle then they play hide-n-seek in the middle of the vineyard. After the childish game is over they head to a picnic where cheese, wine and intimate conversation are waiting for them. To continue with the childish games they play spin-the-bottle with the empty wine bottle. His idea after Gia told him a childhood story. Way to get a first kiss from your potential wife. At sundown Jake starts a fire and makes Gia hotdogs and roasted marshmallows. Then Gia tells Jake she wants to have a long engagement, is willing to move to Texas (where he lives) and wants children including through adoption. Jake and Gia seemed to have good chemistry on the camping date, which led to him offering her the rose to which she accepts. During the acceptance kiss the background music is a piano cover of Jeffrey Osborne's On The Wings Of Love, yeah seriously. Back at the RV the group date card arrives telling us that Jessie, Ashleigh, Tenley, Ali, Vienna, and Corrie do not have to worry about going on the two-on-Jake date. Who's left? Kathryn and Ella. Huh, but he's been on a one-on-one date already with Ella. Why did he choose her again for this date? She's pretty shocked and seems upset knowing that she could go home early.

The next day the RV ventures up the coast to destination Pismo Beach. On the way RV1 goes on and on about how much they disapprove Vienna's continuance in Jake's selection. I'm still not sure what this girl has done to them for them to hate her so much. Jake takes the six girls to the beach where dune buggies await. They fight over who is going to drive one and who is going to be Jake's passenger. Ali wins as Jake's passenger and Vienna says to us that she's fine with her being his passenger now because she's going to be his wife later. After that activity they head over for sand surfing. Jake ends up rolling around in the sand with Tenley and the girls stared with envy. During sunset they head over to a table with fruit and wine then he says to the girls, "lets roll down the sand hill. Corrie was the only one to jump up and join him and got some alone time with him.

They later arrive at an Inn for dinner where the girls could get cleaned up and beautified. He takes each girl for a private conversation, which Ashleigh was up first. Ashleigh was practically throwing herself at him. Her head was tilted and up in his face the whole time just begging to be kissed, which she was... on the cheek. There was no conversation, just awkward silence and her caressing his leg and hip. She tells us she doesn't want to come off and desperate, but guess what... she did. Jake tells us he thinks Ashleigh is hot but is not feeling any chemistry with her. Up next he asks Vienna, but she declines. She tells him she wants to talk to him last. He is taken aback but then asked Ali talk with him, which goes well. Tenley is up next and he seems really relaxed with her. So much so that he lies his head in her lap. They later makeout. They don't show him talk to Jessie, I guess uneventful. Last is Vienna at her request. He tells her that she brings on the drama she's receiving from the other women. She played dumb and only get a peck from him. He later gives the group rose to Tenley. Vienna's "go last" plan completely backfired. What was she thinking?

The two-on-one date card comes from Chris Harrison reminding them that one of the girls will be going home that night. The next day the RVs get going back up the California coast to Big Sur. As the ladies sit around outside waiting for Ella and Kathryn to leave for their date with Jake, Tenley laughs that she doesn't know what to say when there's a 50% chance one of the them is leaving. The other girls stare at Tenley in disgust wondering why she's laughing. Ella and Kathryn arrive at Jake's cabin for dinner. The date is going pretty tense and serious. Ella asks Jake what he's looking for in a relationship and a wife, then Jake asks her the same question. Ella is going on and on and Kathryn is feeling left out. To add fuel to the fire he asks Ella outside for some privacy. Ella proclaims to Jake that she's the whole package. He then reveals that he asked her on this second date because he wants to know as soon as possible if she's the one so that if she's not he can send her home to be back with her son. Honorable I suppose. He finally gets some private time with Kathryn where she spends most of it complaining that she feels invisible around him at all times. She came off as too harsh revealing too much of her frustration at the wrong time. He's a gentleman so he apologized for making her feel that way and called her beautiful like five times. Jake takes time alone then heads back to the table with the two girls together. He asks Ella again to join him outside alone and ends it with her. He tells her his feelings for some of the other girls are stronger than for her. She told him to be wise and he walks her to the limo. Bye-bye country bumpkin. Back to the table where Kathryn is waiting and smiling, Jake dumps her too! He tells her his heart says he's not the guy for her. She tells him he's making a mistake and gets walked to another limo. Back at the RV the girls notice that Ella's belongings are taken by the show's goons, which they are sad about... But hold on, Kathryn's bags are removed too! The remaining girls can't believe it. This man means business, but why did he have to throw the ungiven rose into the fire and watch it burn?!

This turn of events leaves only one girl who has to leave at the rose ceremony. The girls sit in the RV guessing who that one girl leaving will be. Of course they're hoping it'll be Vienna, and with her behavior at the Inn their wish may come true. At the cocktail party Corrie takes him aside and tries to open up. She asked him if she makes him feel nervous. After saying no Jake tried to clean it up by saying he wants her to like him. Corrie is annoying me this week. Ali tells Jake that she is falling for him during their private time. They makeout. The producers finally show Jake and Jessie's private time because it's all consumed with her telling Jake that Vienna is not the one for him. He's confused as to why. Jessie tells him that Vienna is spoiled and selfish and Jake will end up being a "daddy" to Vienna. Jake thanked her and gave her a friendzone hug. Vienna is up next and doing most of the talking, i.e. trying to dig herself out of a grave. Again they are talking about what the other girls are saying to him about her. He reassures her that he forms his own opinions, but she leaves him nervous and unconfident.

Lets distribute the roses! Gia and Tenley already have one. Ali is the first name he calls, no surprise. Then Corrie - boo. Two roses three girls. He angrily grabs a rose from the plate and stares down at the floor and side to side, then the background music stops! "Ladies I need just a minute", Jake says and he puts the rose back and leaves the set! The girls are staring at each other in confusion. The unsteady camera follows Jake to a woman talking into her headset to find Chris Harrison because Jake needs to talk to him. She leads Jake out a door to Chris Harrison where Jake asks for his advice. Jake says to Chris there is one woman he knows he does not want to be with and maybe two, and asked if he has to give out the remaining two roses. Chris Harrison tells him if that's what he wants they will take one rose away and Jake only has to hand out one more rose, which means two women will be going home. And the final rose of the night goes to..... VIENNA! Of course the remaining four girls are shocked and upset that he chose her. Jake tells Jessie that he appreciates what she told him about Vienna and tells Ashleigh that the chemistry wasn't quite there. Ashleigh storms out and walks out to the street. Where is she going? Maybe Kathryn got her limo since that dumping was unexpected.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Boyfriend Cardigan

I am obsessed these days with the boyfriend cardigan. Although big and baggy, it's still delectable and feminine the way she wears it. It's a cute and fun alternative to the boyfriend jacket, which at times can be too dressy for certain occasions.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Bachelor recap week 3

I'm still coming off the high from the show dumping Rozlyn for her transgressions, and Chris (the host) suspects the remaining 12 girls are too. He comes to the house and talks about everyone moving on and telling them there will be two one-on-one dates and one group date. The first date belongs to Vienna all by her lonesome. Loon Michelle tells us that she thinks Vienna is ugly. Ali tells us that choosing to go on a date with Vienna is surprising to her. Jake and Vienna ride off on his motorcycle as the girls watch from the door. As they sit and wait, a helicopter comes to pick them up in which Jake tells Vienna their destination is a surprise. Back at the girls' house poolside they talk about how Vienna is such a bad match for Jake and if he likes her there is no way he's going to like any of the remaining girls. What has this girl done to make them feel and talk this way? On the helicopter ride it looks as if Jake is not feeling her. He's looking out the opposite window from where Vienna is sitting, his arms are folded, there was even a moment when he put his hand to his chin like he was bored or distraught. Then he reveals that he really isn't enjoying the helicopter ride. Wow, does this mean he already knows she's not the one? But hold on, he then admits they are going bungy jumping and he is very very afraid of heights. A pilot afraid of heights? That's comforting. As they are getting wrapped up with the bungy cord Jake is literally having a nervous breakdown. He's shaking, crying, looking up to the sky. Geesh I'm scared for him, but they jump. Their bodies just-ah jerking all around from the cord. Man that does not look fun. Then with the blood rushing to their heads from hanging upside down they kiss - their first kiss. After all the excitement they have a calm night with food, wine, conversation, and kissing.

Back at the girls' house the group date card arrives stating that tomorrow's date will consist of Corrie, Elizabeth, Ali, Tenley, Ashleigh, Jessie, Kathryn, and loon Michelle. They begin talking again about how much of a bad person and match Vienna is and how surprised they all will be to see her come back to the house with a rose. Of course on the date Vienna and Jake get into the hot tub for more making out, which leads to her getting the rose. She annoys me for some reason, but they do seem to be getting along nicely. She walks into the house holding the rose proud. The girls are sitting around when she arrives and asks her how the date was. She goes into plenty of detail about the date, which sounded a lot like bragging but I suppose that's understandable since it is a competition.

The eight girls arrive to Universal City to meet Jake for the group date. They head to a comedy club where Jon Lovitz tells them that they will be going on stage and doing an individual set in front of an audience. The girls are terrified, which I would be too but Ashleigh is sobbing. Tears really? Finally back at the house the date box comes revealing who is getting the other one-on-one date with Jake this week. It's Ella leaving Gia and Valishia kicked to the curb. At the comedy club Jon Lovitz calls each girl one at a time to come to the stage to do her comedy set. Elizabeth gets on stage where every third word out of her mouth was bleeped. Jake raised a suspicious eyebrow to that since she acted like a prude the week before. Jon Lovitz calls Ashleigh to come to the stage and she didn't move from her chair. Guess she's not going to participate. Michelle was weird as usual and the crowd all but booed her off the stage. The seven girls all seem to get a kick out of Corrie's performance the most especially since she was mostly dogging out Vienna. Jake noticed the girls were cracking up and was so confused about it. Jon Lovitz again calls Ashleigh to the stage and she comes out this time and does a good job with some blond jokes. Was that so hard drama queen?

The after-party is at the Roosevelt where the champagne was flowing. Tenley took him away for some alone time to tell him she used to be married and the marriage ended because her husband left her for another woman. She was really upset while telling Jake, which was really heartfelt. Jake seemed sensitive to it then planted a kiss on her. Ashleigh got some alone time with Jake and told him that if he likes Vienna then he most likely will not like her because she has nothing in common with Vienna. Pretty bold move on Ashleigh's part. Of course Jake wanted an explanation and was surprised by how much no one likes Vienna. Cut to the three girls at the house not on the group date yelling at Vienna. Vienna then barks that all the girls in the house are fake and storms off. Back at the party Ali got some alone time with Jake and talked about how much fun they had on their one-on-one date. She too told Jake how she disapproved of Jake giving Vienna a rose. I really like Ali. So far I think she's a top two contender. The seven girls had a toast to Corrie exposing Vienna. The eighth girl loon Michelle, not so much. She said she wants to focus all her time and energy on Jake. The loon continued to tell us that she's ready to get married and have a baby because everyone in her family told her she's ready and it's her turn. We now know the source to her fragile state of mind. Elizabeth notices that loon Michelle doesn't need a husband, she needs a therapist. I couldn't agree more.

Loon Michelle finally gets her alone time with Jake where she informs him that she's been crying. She tells him she's not over-emotional or dramatic that she's just here for love, but as she's telling him this she's coming off as over-emotional and dramatic. Then she violates woman's rule #3: she tells him that she "really, really, really wants a husband. His response, "I believe you"! I'm dying of laughter at this point! Then (insert inappropriate time) she asks for a kiss. He obliges with a long peck. Her mouth open his not at all. She tells him to give her a little more than that, but he tells her he wants this night to be over. She tells him she can't stay because not being able to kiss him the way she really wants hurts her. BUT, she'll stay if he wants her too. Why do women play such games? Well she loses the game and he tells her it's best if she leaves. OMG the loon is gone! After walking her out Jake tells the seven women that he won't wait for a rose ceremony if he knows immediately that someone is not the one for him. Then he told them he's not giving out a rose tonight and left.

Time for Ella's one-on-one date. Jake comes to the house and picks her up in a helicopter which heads to Sea World. They sit down on park bench and Ella's son comes running up to her. Surprise! Jake's birthday present to her, reminiscent of The Bachelor season 13 with Jason. The three of them look to have a good time at the park, it was really cute to see. Ella learned how Jake would interact with her son and Jake learned that Ella wants more kids. After some alone time he gives her the rose.

Time for the rose ceremony cocktail party. Jake takes Elizabeth first for alone time where she gets touchy feely and flirty. He called her the queen of mixed signals, then they were interrupted by Vienna which made Elizabeth pissed since the conversation between she and Jake turned serious. She ran off and cried to some of the girls about Jake calling her a tease and how she couldn't defend herself because of Vienna's interruption. Meanwhile Vienna, who already has a rose, wants to talk to Jake about what the girls in the house have been saying to him about her. He told her not to worry about it and stay focused, which made her feel better. Ali went to Vienna and scolded her for taking up alone time when she already has a rose. Elizabeth finally got to talk to him again about his thoughts that she's a tease and the confusion she has bestowed upon him. The writing is on the wall - say goodbye.

Time to give out roses. Since loon Michelle is gone, two girls now have to be sent home. He indicated to the two women who will be sent home that the decision was difficult. And now the rose distribution leaves Elizabeth and Valishia going home. Not at all surprising, although I wish he would have kept Valishia and dumped Jessie. Valishia's so pretty, but he didn't spend anytime with her. Elizabeth was surprised though. She approached him with a "what happened?" What do you think dummy.

Best pose ever

Sophia ThomallaI love this pose. It shows you looking fun and feminine while showing off your shoes. I do this for almost every pic I take!

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Bachelor recap week 2

This week's episode Jake has selected the 15 girls who he has decided to "get to know better". Chris Harrison, the host, came in to explain the process to the girls and to advise them to take advantage of the time they get with Jake because not everyone will get a date with him each week. I don't understand why everyone doesn't get to go on at least a group date every week; talk about set up for failure.

The first group date consisted of Gia, Rozlyn, Valishia, Corrie, Christina, and Ashleigh. Jake showed up to the house and escorted them via Cadillac limo to a hotel in Santa Monica. There they met Hal, the fashion director for InStyle magazine, who tells them that they are going to be photographed individually and featured in the magazine. You can imagine the squeals that followed the revelation. The girls were then set up in full clothes, hair, and makeup. Rozlyn was first to shoot and when she lifted up her leg her who-ha was blurred out! The remaining girls were uneventful, except Jake had to coddle Christina due to her discomfort. On to the wrap party where one rose sits awaiting an owner. Ashleigh is the first one to steal Jake away and also the first one to bare a bikini. Meanwhile back at the girls' house a date box comes revealing that one of the girls will have a one-on-one date with him, and during that date she'll get to wear a crazy gorgeous diamond necklace. It's later revealed that Ali gets the real date. At the wrap pool party Rozlyn seems to be getting most of Jake's attention. In the pool she's practically sitting on his lap, then she steals him away and plants her tongue down his throat. The slob-down led to the group date rose being given to her.

The next day Ali, the diamond necklace, and Jake take a motorcycle to a small airplane where he takes her up and flies over L.A. to Palm Springs while, brace yourself, On The Wings Of Love by Jeffrey Osborne plays in the background. At dinner Ali reveals that all of her ex-boyfriends have names that start with the letter J. She looked at it as fate. Fate that she'll be dumped by another guy whose name starts with the letter J! She got the date rose and kisses, then off to a private concert featuring old-school band Chicago. Another date box comes back at the girls' house to state that Elizabeth, Jessie, Kathryn, Ashley, and Vienna will be the second group date for the week revealing that Michelle, Ella, and Tenley will not have a date with Jake.

The second group date arrives at Six Flags amusement park where the park is closed to the public and they ride roller coaster after roller coaster. Elizabeth later tells Jake not to kiss her until he only wants to kiss her and no one else, and guess what she got the group rose. While Jake enjoys his time with the five girls, Michelle is back at the house packing up threatening to leave because she hasn't had anytime with Jake. Crazy loon isn't going anywhere.

At the rose ceremony cocktail party Michelle divulged to Jake that she was about to voluntarily leave. He didn't seem too broken up about it. I thought she was going to lose it though when Kathryn stole him from their conversation. Later on Chris, the host, asks to speak to Rozlyn alone. OMG! Chris nervously says to Rozlyn that he knows she had a relationship with a staffer of the show upon arriving here. The staffer is no longer working on the show (fired!) and Rozlyn also can no longer continue on the show and must leave immediately. OMG! Chris then goes and pulls Jake aside to tell him the severity of the issue. Jake looked sincerely hurt from the news. Meanwhile the camera and some goon is upstairs in the bedroom as Rozlyn packs up her stuff... Awkward! Chris and Jake talk to the remaining women and explain what happened with Rozlyn. Jake asked the women to speak now if they feel they are having any concerns about continuing. Of course crazy Michelle had to chime in blah blah blah. Lucky for them now only two women have to go home tonight instead of three. Good bye Christina and Ashley.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Gym aesthetic

Do you look pretty (or at least try to) when going to workout at the gym? I was at the gym, as a lot of us are these days thanks to it being January, and saw many women looking cute. One woman had on a dazzling little matching shorts set. Another showing off her figure in yoga pants and just a sports bra. I even saw lip gloss and big hoop earrings on another woman. Me? I wear my hair brushed back, lose fitting yoga pants and a t-shirt that could probably fit most of my guy friends. No jewelry not even a watch. Oh and no, none of it matches! I know everyone is checking out everyone at the gym so maybe I should try harder, and by try harder I mean just try. My workout attire is so comfortable, and there's no way I'm putting on makeup just to sweat it off. But even an older lady had on a fun headband! Okay starting today I'll at least put on eyeliner and wear fitted pants! Matching will have to come slowly.

Photo Source: Fotosearch

Saturday, January 09, 2010


I forgot to tell you guys, I bought myself some rainboots! You don't know how excited I am to have them because I have been on a rainboot mission for a while now. We get so much rain here in NC, and it's not just any kind of rain it's rain that makes you wonder if you're living in Brazil. I know rainboots are everywhere and easy to find, but my quandary was finding a rainboot under $35 (after-tax) and still cute and feminine. Aldo has a pair I like but they are selling them for $45. I have a budget to stick to people. But then StylishMe and I ventured over to an outlet mall where an Aldo resides. Wouldn't you know, they have my rainboot for $30!