Friday, November 30, 2007

All tied up

I never considered wearing a tie around my neck in the name of fashion, but today I'm sporting one. Saw the most adorable tie at J.Crew and had to purchase it. Since I have no special someone to give it to, I'll just wear it myself! It is red with little martini glasses with a green olive in it; I mean how cute it that?! I was watching the E channel over the weekend and saw a clip of Gwen Stefani wearing a tie. I thought how brilliant does she look, and got me to thinking that I too could pull that look off. It's kind of a difficult look to model because of the fine line the look gives you between femininity and masculinity. Gwen is obviously very feminine so the look is effortless for her. I'm pretty sure I'm workin' it too!

Friday, November 23, 2007

The Bachelor - a success

My sister and I watched the season finale of The Bachelor Monday and Tuesday and seem to have a different opinion from many other viewers. Basically to sum up the show, the bachelor went home empty handed. At the end of the season when the bachelor is to make a decision between two woman by proposing marriage and offering the final rose to one of them, this bachelor did neither. When it looked like he was going to ask for Deanna's hand, he took a moment then said good-bye... To both women! Brad Womack took a lot of flack while on the Tuesday show for not choosing anyone. This got me to thinking: Why should the bachelor be forced to chose one of the preselected women at all? With a bachelor success story rate of 20% you'd think ABC would want do something different to help these couples stay together. It would give the show more credibility as well.

Their first mistake is having the task of the bachelor finding his wife in only six weeks. I understand the network has a schedule to live by, but six weeks isn't enough time to know their annoying habits let alone if you want to marry the person. The show's second mistake is having group dates. What the heck are you going to learn about a person when she's competing for your time and attention and within a couple of hours. Then you're going to ask him to cut a few chicks after that so-called date? Good luck cutting the right one. Another mistake is having unrealistic or fantasy dates. Before six weeks time are you really going to fly a girl that you might like to Belize? Are you really going to have her choose between three Valentino gowns and drip her neck with diamonds before escorting her to a five-star restaurant? Maybe, but it's yet to happen to me!

I think this latest bachelor may have started a trend. Past bachelors are now thinking, "hey I didn't know we could do that"! But instead they are forced to make a decision and a choice just for the American public to find out that yet another bachelor couple is in splits-ville. Brad was not feeling any of the girls and he finally let them know that. I think the show should last maybe ten weeks. The bachelor should have more one-on-one dates and should be given more time in between dates to make a cut. If the show were structured differently maybe these two final girls would not have been the two final girls.

One last thing; why do the women feel that they have to accept the rose the bachelor offers? This is more pressure the network puts on the cast. The bachelor is usually a great catch on paper, but that does not guarantee chemistry. I could tell bachelorette Bettina was not into Brad at all, but what are you gonna do when he asks you to accept the rose with millions of people, producers, and directors watching? In my opinion although Brad was good-looking, he seemed a bit stiff and boring. Who knows what he's really like, heck it's only been six weeks!

Monday, November 19, 2007

I smell roses!

Congratulations to the BUCKEYES for beating Michigan and claiming the Big Ten championship title outright. The winner of this game is to go and play in the BCS Rose Bowl game. The Buckeyes finished the season 11-1, just shy of being perfect due to dropping a game against Illinois late in the season; A bad time to lose if you're in contention for the BCS championship title game. The season for the Buckeyes has been an over-achieving one. The QB is a junior getting real snaps for the first time on this team, the RB is a young sophomore but played like a senior. The team is a very young team and was expected to play well but not be a factor when talking national championship. That is just a testament to the coach. I cannot express enough about how in love I am with Coach Tressel. He is brilliant! Beyond his impeccable coaching record, he's smart, he's motivating, he's classy, and not to mention he's hot! Yes Coach Tressel steals my heart. Anyway, GO BUCKS!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Stick to the script

Fashion over eating people, stick to the script. That line is from a Jay-Z song, but I had to tweak it just a bit. This is a no brainer for me. If I want a bag (and I'm always wanting a bag) it's usually so expensive that I need to save up for a little while to be able to purchase it. This conversation came up when I told a friend of mine that I purchased the classic Balenciaga bag (in red hot) and he said to me, "guess you didn't eat while saving for that bag". Yes, the designer prices are getting out of control lately, and the only way to keep up with the Jones? Re-prioritize. Stop all that fast food consumption, stop the cafeteria food munching, stop feasting on take out and start a bag fund. My mother would totally kill me if she heard me talking like this. She'd say there's no reason you should be spending this type of money on a pocket book. And she's absolutely correct. But who needs logic when you're rockin' the hottest latest bag, and you're the envy of all your friends. Hey this plan could help out your weight loss goals as well.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


My favorite store this season is J.Crew. Have you gone in there lately? They have the most marvelously exciting stuff for fall and winter. First let me start by saying that I did not realize that J.Crew was such one-stop shopping for the entire family. Not only is there a women's and men's line, but a children's line as well. They also carry outerwear, underwear, pajamas, shoes, and of course accessories that include jewelry, tights, scarves, wallets, you name it! The main thing that got my attention at J.Crew is their display window. They have the most bright, colorful, gorgeous outfits put together for all to see. I was immediately drawn to the window and eventually lured to the inside of the store. I have to say that I want one of everything! Well cut jeans, vibrant corduroys, incredibly soft sweaters in a variety of styles and colors including the ever popular argyle. A great business line that includes tailored suit jackets, slacks and skirts. I could go on and on about how I could be in the store for hours on in. I tried on multiple things and everything is a perfect fit! Better believe J.Crew will play an intricate role in my wardrobe this season. They do tend to run expensive price points, but after all the wear I'll get from the clothes it will be worth it. Plus I've notice great sales creeping in at J.Crew as we head towards the holidays. Give them a look.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


I'm not talking the convenience store 7-Eleven, but the closing price per share for Google Inc. stock. In May Google hadn't even hit $500 a share, and Friday the stock closed at $711 a share; that's a 40% return in six months! The technology sector has outperformed itself this year, and there are many more stocks that have returned greater than Google Inc., but the figure "700" is what has me flabbergasted. A huge part of that is Google beat its third-quarter earnings per share estimates by almost $0.20. The company continues to grow profits, headcount, and ideas. Monday Google is to announce in more detail plans around its mobile phone operating system, which will give the iPhone some competition. Not to mention Blogger is powered by Google. Some would say this stock price is mostly based on speculation, promise, and potential. This reminds me of how I felt when I purchased a dress over the weekend. It looks very nice from the outside and has the potential to be my winning holiday dress selection, but a tad over-priced.