Sunday, February 15, 2009

Scarf trend

I did it... I gave in to the triangle-tie scarf trend. You know, the trend where the kids are now tying their scarves like cowboys only it must have a cool pattern and it must be surrounded by fringe. The trend started last fall/winter so I'm a little late, but I typically take a lot of time in considering whether to join 'em or ignore 'em when it comes to trends. For our new spring line our store got in some fabulous scarves and I couldn't help myself when I saw them. I was going out and needed a cool accessory. When I tried it on I felt like I was wearing a bib or was offending Middle Eastern culture, but my coworker convinced me that it looked great on me. Have you given in to this trend?

Friday, February 06, 2009

Chick Flick released

When the relationship advice book He's Just Not That Into You released in 2005 it was one of the most in-demand items to hit pop culture. The authors even appeared on the Oprah show. There is no surprise they'd make a movie out of it. This weekend the anticipated movie has finally released with an all-star cast. Since I'm interested in relationships and advising my friends on theirs, I for one cannot wait to see the movie and how they will depict dating in the 21st century. Out of curiosity though I checked out some professional reviews about the film and guess what, they're not too good. Rolling Stone called it "a woman-bashing tract disguised as a chick flick". The LATimes called it "a bit like a weightless swirl of cotton candy with a mere second of sweetness..." I never expected Oscar nominations out of this film, just a few good laughs and two hours of entertainment. Let's hope the viewers get that. Let me know what you think of the movie.