Monday, January 26, 2009

Walk (sit) tall

Finally I found an occasion to wear my five inch heels. A pair of chocolate Anne Klein booties that I bought a year ago and have been staring at ever since, until now. My girlfriend had a birthday dinner where afterwards we would lounge it up and chill with the birthday girl. I thought, what a perfect opportunity to wear a pair of heels that in no way could I stand in for long periods of time, and in no way are meant to be danced in! These are strictly a very hot dinner shoe. At one point I got upset with myself for wasting steps when I walked the wrong way from my parked car to the lounge. With heels this tall every steps counts! Needless to say I was the tallest girl in the room, which meant lots of attention.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shopaholics or just plain crazy

Today my town had a snow storm. We got over four inches of snow and the county issued a weather advisory emergency, which means do not go out and drive unless absolutely necessary. So why the heck were there so many people shopping in my store today?! If I had my choice there was no way I was driving into work to presumably stare into space, but people braved the storm, came in and looked around and bought stuff! I really shouldn't be complaining as it is always good for the store to make money, but I was so annoyed this morning by having to scrape snow off my car and stomp through slush that I was in no mood to deal with customers. Luckily our mall decided to close down entirely four hours early, which my coworker and I were beyond excited about. But crazy shopaholics were in our boutique until the last possible moment trying on the whole store! I suppose it could have been worse, the mall authorities could have decided not to shut down early and make us drive on the slippery streets after sunset, and the store could have made zero money today. Okay my gripe is over now!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Manly sweet scent

My manfriend is in the market for a new fragrance so we skedaddled over to Nordstroms to check out their lineup. He was infatuated with Issey Miyake which smells great, but I found a scent that made me crazy... John Varvatos! I have never noticed this scent before but once I inhaled it I begged my manfriend to choose that one. It's a combination of robustness and sweetness all in one. I wanted to eat it right off him. Okay too much information, but you get my drift! This John Varvatos fragrance is to die for in my opinion and a nice thought for Valentine's Day ladies.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hot boys of reality TV

I have been counting down to the return of the bachelor and it's finally here. For those of you who know me or read my blog, you know that I was more than obsessed with Jason Mesnick - husband pursuant on last season's The Bachelorette. If you didn't watch the show last season you should be thankful because you spared yourself a whole lot of tears on Jason's behalf. The Bachelor is back this season and I am more than pumped up for it. I should have just entered myself, but I knew Jason would be looking for a DeAnna replacement. Anyway he will be one of the few heartthrobs of reality TV I'll make a spot in my heart and my calendar for.

Another reality heartthrob I just can't get enough of: Brody Jenner! I know I know MTV, the Hills, crap TV, but he is just amazing to look at. Those gorgeous eyes, his supple skin, and that body - hold on I need to catch my breath! His show is called Bromance and airs on MTV on ironically Monday nights, the same night as the Bachelor.

Last but not least is Mario Lopez. He hasn't aged a bit from playing the corny jock on Saved By the Bell, but he definitely has aged for the better. Man he's hot. He'll be hosting the popular dance show on MTV Randy Jackson Presents America's Favorite Dance Crew. Aside from the dancing crews I look forward to seeing what tight t-shirt Mario will be gracing us with!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Coat update

I bought it!! The Banana Republic coat that I've been obsessing over and stalking is finally mine. It went from $225, to $119.99, to $94.99 to $75.99. I came to terms with that price, and not risk waiting for it to drop lower for fear that my size would no longer be available. I'm happy with the final price I purchased it at, and it looks great on me!