Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Time for fall?!

Are you ready for Fall 2007? I'm not, but the fashion world is. The end of this week starts New York fashion week where designers both experienced and spankin' new will show their collections for fall 2007. I'm just starting to get use to winter finally arriving in the Midwest where temperatures have been in the low 20s... I'm ready for spring to get here! I suppose it's that time for stores to start loading the shelves with spring wear, which means designers are thinking about next winter! Who am I to understand their schedule, but I am very excited to see what they declare the trends will be. I'm anticipating collections from Zac Posen, Tracy Reese, and BCBG this fall.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bright Spot

Despite my previous post venting about the allotted time dedicated to all the terrible auditions, there have been some bright spots from time to time on American Idol.... Exhibit 1 (see photo)! This gorgeous talent tried out in New York City and knocked it out of the park with a [the late] Gerald Levert song. Not only a pretty face but a beautiful voice, and get this, he's only 16 years old! I cannot believe that. His look, demeanor, confidence all seem so much older. All I can say is wow. Needless to say he made it to Hollywood, which means we all get to see him at least one more time!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

No Hollywood for you

American Idol has gotten ridiculous these past couple of weeks. I love this show and do not miss it, but the early stage of the audition process is beginning to torture my mind. In past seasons they would not only show the terribly untalented people who just want 10 minutes on television at everyone's expense, but they actually would show the talented folks who want a real shot. This season's episodes have focused ad nauseum on the untalented unfunny acts - Their story, their background, their goals - who cares! They are neither funny nor fun to watch; it's quite annoying to see and hear a lot of these people, and from the looks of it Simon Cowell feels the same way I do. How about when all three judges tell the auditioned "no" as in no to Hollywood and he or she feels compelled to plead his/her case by continuing to sing (horribly) or yell, curse, cry, etc. Hello they just told you no now take your 5 minutes of fame with your over-the-top antics and leave!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Got me in Stitches

So I went jean shopping the other day looking for the perfect skinny pair in either light demin or gray wash. For some reason I cannot find gray in anything other than bootcut, and the light wash I found were not long enough. If you cannot imagine my frustration let me tell you... I've tried on pair after pair and gone in store after store only to walk out empty handed. Finally I walked into a boutique that sells only designer jeans, you know, Rock and Republic, 7 for All Mankind, True Religion - you get the point. Most of these designers do not make a gray or light wash in the skinny, but the helpful sales attendant showed me a pair by Stitches. I'd never even heard of this designer, but wanted to try anything that was close to what I was looking for. Once she threw them to me over the dressing room door, I happened to take a look at the price tag - $253!!! After gasping and throwing up a little in my mouth, I asked (in my head of course) "who is this designer anyway"! Well I tried them on and what do you know, they fit perfectly and they are the exact color I have been looking for....

Friday, January 12, 2007

Unsolved Shoe Mystery

How does one go about finding a shoe worn by someone on a television program? While watching Monday's soap opera Guiding Light (which I Tivo'd), one of the characters - 'Tammy' had on the cutest pair of gold pumps. Since the episode was Tivo'd I was able to rewind and pause, and now the shoe is forever ingrained into my memory. It is a closed foot squared-toe gold pump with about a 4 inch (because nothing is shorter than 4 inches anymore) stacked heel and a bedazzled topaz rhinestone square buckle on the top of the foot just below the toes. I've seen similar shoes out there in my search, but not the exact pair. I tried logging onto the soap's website, but no luck. Have you had a similar experience? What was the outcome? Any advice for me?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Love your nails!

I am so sick of paying $10 or more for nail enamel that chips off like any other brand, so I finally just went to a drug store and strolled down the aisles to see what less expensive brands I could find. I like Revlon products so I stopped and checked out their nail enamel. I have to say I was so gitty at looking at all the lovely and vibrant colors from their signature line - reds, plums, pinks, etc. I mean I could not choose just one, and at $4 a pop I thought well why should I choose just one! Today I'm wearing "Plum Attraction", which looks very similar to an OPI color I have, and for half the price with same results I am very happy. Click here to check out Revlon's website for their glorious colors.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Dance Life

I am the first to admit that I'm obsessed with reality television, and most of them are really bad! But I'm extremely excited about Jennifer Lopez's new reality show Dance Life to air on MTV. JLo and her hubby Marc Anthony will determine the fate of 6 dancers with a dream and hopefully some talent by giving sound advice and guidance, and putting them to the test. There will be plenty of cameo appearances from the likes of Omarion and Nelly Furtado to name a couple. You'll see these dancers go on auditions and try to make it in Hollywood. There will be struggles and failures, but successes too as they try to remain focused and persistent. I love dancing; I think this show will be interesting, ferocious, and glamorous, and not to be compared to "So You Think You Can Dance", which in my opinion lacked mental agility at times.