Friday, September 19, 2008

Tied at the waist

I am so in love with this look. BCBG Max Azria for fall 2008 ready-to-wear collection featured these belts that were worn unconventionally; they were tied and knotted at the waist with the buckle left to fall and flap from movement. I find the look to be fun, different, and fresh. So much so that I went out and purchased one of my own in stone. The sales associate informed me that the belt comes in beige, cognac, stone, and gray, which all looked great. I imagine that I can pair more things together with the belt in stone. I cannot wait to wear it!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bravo has done it again

Oh my God Oh my God I found a new television show to obsess over. I think this is probably going to be my all time favorite. I'm talking about the The Rachel Zoe Project, which airs Tuesdays on Bravo. Rachel Zoe is a stylist to the stars, which means she has astronomical access to designer clothes and gowns, jewelry, shoes, bags, you name it. Oh and the designers lend them all to her for FREE! That's right, zero funds needed! Respect. She works out of her gorgeous house where she has designated a room for all of the wonderful free pieces called the studio. Her assistants consist of a cute bitchy blond named Taylor and a green endearing guy named Brad. Rachel admits that Taylor is her everything and relies on her an awful lot. Brad is the newbie who is abundantly excited to be in this world of Rachel Zoe styling. I love how much into fashion on an extreme level Rachel seems to be. She comes across on the show as very passionate and is a self proclaimed perfectionist. Her studio is filled with one of a kind haute couture pieces that one could only dream to be in the presence of. They show her and her team walking into boutiques where the designers and store managers are tripping over themselves to cater to them throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of items their way. Let's just say that I cannot imagine. Future shows will tape her at fashion week, designers' studios, photo shoots, etc. So because I'm obsessed with fashion I pretty much found the TV show I'm newly addicted to.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Peas in a pod

Well today is the last day of New York fashion week, and once again I go another season absent from attendance. I'll make it there some day I promise. The people who were lucky enough to attend however, secured a spot in witnessing some marvelous trends taking over next spring. We'll see all of the coverage soon enough, but photographers managed to capture my favorite two style icons, and together: JLo and Posh! What a combo right?! The pair were seen together at the Marc Jacobs show looking as lovely as ever. Jennifer's white dress is a vision, and all the baby weight is completely gone and then some. And how about Victoria's gorgeous new pixie cut. She has the face and her head has the shape to pull off nearly any hair cut. I didn't realize the two fashionistas were friends, but I suppose all mega-celebrities are friends.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just Stand Up

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HOW in those stripper pumps?! These are some of the ladies who graced the Fashion Rocks stage last night singing their dedication in support of cancer research titled, Just Stand Up. Being the shoe fanatic that I am the first thing that I noticed (aside from Beyonce's hair) was the ladies' shoes. Clearly the wardrobe for this number called for a black Stand Up To Cancer tee and dark bottoms. Although it looks like Natasha Bedingfield either didn't get the memo or wanted to display her rebellious ways dressed in bright white skinny jeans. All of the ladies work black stripper-like pumps. Platform heels 4+ inches tall in open-toe, closed-toe, knee-boots, and calve-boots, etc. The shoes were all definitely and undeniably sexy. If I had the opportunity to have one of the outfits for myself, I would choose Ciara's look. I just love the lame' legging, but the woman best dressed goes to Carrie Underwood. She looks comfortably sexy in her bermuda length jeans, and those fabulous pumps she wore are to die for! Leona Lewis is a close second for me in her chic pencil skirt and the strappy bootie. Oh the other thing I noticed: did Mariah really need to bring her bling bling microphone to sing a charitable song?

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Dance Darling Dance

I have been so obsessed with all of the dance TV shows airing lately that it has inspired me to sign up for dance classes. Okay duh I already know how to dance, but I have never partaken in choreographed dancing. I began taking a dance style known as Afro Fusion, where Hip-Hop dancing meets African dance for a 10-week course. The class was dynamic and high energy to African drums & rhythms and hip-hop music. There were times when I thought I was going to pass out, but I somehow lasted the entire hour every week. Our choreographer taught us three different Afro Fusion pieces to three hip-hop songs, along with different individual moves to African beats. Each piece was creative, kinetic, and sexy, but I always felt I was slow to perfect the pieces in its entirety during class, especially the individual moves separate from the three pieces. By the tenth week however I felt like I nailed all three routines and was proud of myself. We ended the session on a high with new friendships and self-confidence, and I was happy. Before we left she told us that all of the instructors of the dance studio will be performing at a local theatre in celebration of the studio's 15 year anniversary. Knowing how well my teacher dances I was more than happy to support the celebration showcasing the choreographers. The week of the show, my teacher emailed me and all of the ladies in my class asking us if we would like to participate in the celebration by flaunting one or more of the routines we learned. I reluctantly replied that I would be happy to contribute to the exhibition. After a couple of practices, we were on stage facing 100 people! I could not believe what I got myself into. I haven't performed in front of people since my fifth grade play! I was extremely nervous just hoping and praying that I would not mess up any of the steps. To top things off she incorporated a solo section; so not only did we have to perform the pieces she choreographed for us in class, but we had to come up with a solo to do immediately after. Well I got through it and it was exhilarating! I would definitely do it again. By the way, we wore solid color tees (pink for me) and kente cloth to wrap as a skirt (purple with white trimming for me). The theme was to be colorful and joyous.

Friday, September 05, 2008

John Casa-got-ya

I just got back from the worst model casting of my life. I received a phone call from the local offices of John Casablancas modeling agency telling me that I was highly referred and to come and audition with them at their local office. She said the audition would consist of getting some photographs taken and walking the runway, all in hopes to see how my look and personality come across on camera and the stage. It goes without saying that I was mildly excited. Okay uber excited, but it did not come without hesitation. You see, my sister was signed with them a while ago and her experience with them was less than pleasant. However, the modeling bug has bitten her again and she has decided to try and work with them again. My thinking after hearing that, how bad could JC have been?

I walked into the JC doors to see other potential talent occupying the lobby filling out paperwork. After my paperwork was completed the receptionist told me to go into a room to have my photograph taken. The photographer took 3 snapshots of me, all head shots then sent me on my way. I was then sent into a room with all of the other auditioners to await the next step. The room was set up like a runway fashion show with chairs lined up all around the room except one back wall. A woman then comes in and tells all of the hopefuls to line up against the back wall. My mind quickly took me to the Janice Dickenson show where Janice lines up hopeful models and picks and chooses who she wants. Well I could only dream it would work that way here, because this woman came in and took a seat on the runway and her sales pitch began. She went on and on about the tough industry, the great company JC, your realistic talents blah blah blah. She literally had us STANDING for over an hour selling us the JC spiel. At that point I was done and was ready to walk out. It didn't help to find out that I was there to audition to be an actress as well as a model... What?

She finally sends us one by one down the runway (the modeling audition), and when we returned from the runway we had to read a line from a small script (the acting audition). There were approximately 25 people there (men and women) so you can imagine how long the process took after each person auditioned. When it got to me I of course killed the runway audition, but my reading of the lines admittedly could have gone a little better, but oh well I was there to model anyway so I thought.

When the audition session was over she then asked every single hopeful how badly we want it and if we have any prior experience. She booked an appointment with us individually and sent us on our way(finally), but wait she confesses that not every appointment booked tonight will be kept. She was falsely booking appointments with some people, who were going to receive a cancellation phone call the next day, and booking actual appointments with others. Huh? What kind of technique is this? She kept calling out names and "booking" appointments sending people off only I waited and waited for my name to be called. Geesh get to me already lady! When she finally called me she asked me how badly I want to model then she said, "you know, I want to talk to you some more, could you have a seat?" NOOOO! I want to go home! I'm starving and I've been standing up for 2.5 hours straight now. Unless you're ready to sign me right now we have nothing to talk about. I didn't say any of that, I just said, "OK" and took a seat.

She went through the rest of the names, sent them home then finally asked me to come back up. She told me she sees a lot of potential in me and told me with this profession I need to invest in myself since I'm starting from scratch. She asked if I was ready to do that. In other words, does your bank account have room for us? I told her no I'm not ready to take on such an investment. She asked that I call her when I am ready and gave me her card. I ran out of there and threw all the information I gathered from them in my trash. What a complete waste of time!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Dream Girl

Dang Jennifer Hudson looks good. She's been dropping the pounds, has a funky fresh new hair cut, and a great new single. Now I'm starting to see what my sister saw in her ages ago... Wow!