Friday, September 12, 2008

Peas in a pod

Well today is the last day of New York fashion week, and once again I go another season absent from attendance. I'll make it there some day I promise. The people who were lucky enough to attend however, secured a spot in witnessing some marvelous trends taking over next spring. We'll see all of the coverage soon enough, but photographers managed to capture my favorite two style icons, and together: JLo and Posh! What a combo right?! The pair were seen together at the Marc Jacobs show looking as lovely as ever. Jennifer's white dress is a vision, and all the baby weight is completely gone and then some. And how about Victoria's gorgeous new pixie cut. She has the face and her head has the shape to pull off nearly any hair cut. I didn't realize the two fashionistas were friends, but I suppose all mega-celebrities are friends.

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