Monday, November 23, 2009

Ladies night at AMAs

Janet Jackson - How did she dance with those mountain boots.
Shakira - Loved the 90 female backup dancers.
Kelly Clarkson - Beautiful voice.
Fergie - Held that note too long on the first song.
Rihanna - Loved.
Carrie Underwood - Just gorgeous.
Lady Gaga - Psycho.
Mary J Blige - Snooze.
J.Lo - Covered her fall very well.
Whitney Houston - Dramatic.
Alicia Keys - Interesting choreography.
Nelly Furtado - Looked great.
Adam Lambert - I'm kidding! But seriously that was crazy.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Guess I'm keeping them

I've been searching for a pair of flat booties to purchase for a while now. I found the perfect pair once in Macy's by Jessica Simpson, but the sales person was a jerk so I never got them. Forward a year later and I found a really nice pair at Urban Outfitters. This search should not be a problem as flat booties are everywhere, however my issue is with my ankles. They are so skinny that I don't want to look ridiculous given all the ankle room most booties usually possess. The pair at Urban Outfitters are perfect for my skinny ankles, however they only had a size 8... I wear a size 9. I tried them on anyway and guess what?... They fit! So I purchased them, mission conquered. The next day, I had my outfit all selected for work with the booties to top it off, only when I put them on this time my feet felt squeezed. There's no way I can do a whole shift in these things I thought so I didn't wear them that day. I've been sitting here staring at them for a couple of weeks now wondering if I should just return them and start the mission from scratch. Yesterday however I went to give them another try. Again with outfit picked out I topped it off with the booties and voila, they felt fine this time so I wore them out. Guess this means I'm keeping them!

P.S. My booties are gray, but blue is all they are selling on their website.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

D&G #18

I was walking through Nordstrom when the perfume lady sprayed me down with D&G La Lune 18. Now typically I'm not in the mood for such things, but oh my goodness if this scent didn't smell heavenly. A sweet and light scent that I would wear everyday. I took the sprayed paper she gave me and held it to my nose sniffing it all day. As soon as it's marked down, I'm there! Currently 3.3 ounces retails for $65.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Taylor finally leaves Rachel

According to New York magazine the bleach blond disgruntled styling associate Taylor Jacobson has left in popular demand fashion stylist Rachel Zoe. We got to see how important Taylor was to Rachel's company on the Rachel Zoe Project and how much, by her own admission, Taylor hated her life because of her job. From the words of movie The Devil Wears Prada, "a million girls would kill for that job!" I'm prepping my resume now! Bah-nanas.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

It's a sad day

I stopped by Payless this morning only to learn that the stores down here in North Carolina will not be carrying Christian Siriano shoes. Christian is the uber talented and innovative winner of project runway a couple of seasons ago and is designing shoes for Payless. So exciting to hear right! His unique designs at an affordable price! They'll also be sold online, but I like to try shoes on before I purchase them. On a brighter side we are finally getting an H&M. First one in the whole state. What kind of small town did I move to?! At least it's sunny out.