Saturday, November 14, 2009

Guess I'm keeping them

I've been searching for a pair of flat booties to purchase for a while now. I found the perfect pair once in Macy's by Jessica Simpson, but the sales person was a jerk so I never got them. Forward a year later and I found a really nice pair at Urban Outfitters. This search should not be a problem as flat booties are everywhere, however my issue is with my ankles. They are so skinny that I don't want to look ridiculous given all the ankle room most booties usually possess. The pair at Urban Outfitters are perfect for my skinny ankles, however they only had a size 8... I wear a size 9. I tried them on anyway and guess what?... They fit! So I purchased them, mission conquered. The next day, I had my outfit all selected for work with the booties to top it off, only when I put them on this time my feet felt squeezed. There's no way I can do a whole shift in these things I thought so I didn't wear them that day. I've been sitting here staring at them for a couple of weeks now wondering if I should just return them and start the mission from scratch. Yesterday however I went to give them another try. Again with outfit picked out I topped it off with the booties and voila, they felt fine this time so I wore them out. Guess this means I'm keeping them!

P.S. My booties are gray, but blue is all they are selling on their website.

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