Tuesday, March 30, 2010

24 - No spoiler

Oh my God did you know that this season is the final season of 24? Well I didn't! I don't know why I'm taking it so hard; after last season I was very much ready for this mind rushing series to be over. However, this season is thrilling so far and has me longing for more every week. Have the ratings gone down? Is Jack, I mean Kiefer, asking for more money? And by the way, whatever Jack wants he should get. Are eight seasons just long enough? Whatever the case I hope it's a situation where the producers are trying to keep the viewers on our toes and will say April Fools soon. My February's and March's must have Jack in them!

Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm never going to breathe again

Once again I die over Mary Kate's style

Photo source: everyonelovesfashion.blogspot.com

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New H&M in NC

H&M has finally decided to grace the state of North Carolina, specifically Raleigh, with its presence. Grand opening was last Thursday and of course it was a frenzy. My friend called in to work and told his boss he's not coming in just so he could go and brave the crowd. He stood in line for an hour and a half and told me there had to be around 700 people there, but he said it was worth it because he picked up some very nice pieces. I got there at around 6PM and the crowd was not nearly as bad - the positive. The negative - everything had been picked over. I did manage to find some pieces to stand in the fitting room line for. It wound up taking 40 minutes of standing and slow moving before I was able to get in a room. I had a hand full of stuff mostly because I pulled two sizes in everything knowing that H&M runs small. I usually wear a size 2 so I pulled both 2 and 4. There was no need for me to even try-on any of the size 2 stuff because OH MY GOD I could barely fit in the size 4! I cannot believe that I have to go up TWO sizes to get into H&M clothes, that's just ridiculous. Anyway, I got nothing because I wasn't about to stand in line for another 40 minutes.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring means bugs

Spring is finally here which means the hornets and the wasps and the yellow jackets start swarming around my apartment. Why oh why can't they leave me alone? They really freak me out. Right now I think they are outside my window because I don't hear that terrifying buzzing sound, but somehow they get in and hijack my living room where my life (my television) is. My landlord gave me a spray for hornets that squirts like a hose, but I'm still frightened just before pulling the trigger that they'll see me spraying and come after me full speed ahead. Their floating shadow brings me nightmares and paranoia. I just hope it's not followed by a buzzing noise.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Space Issues

I've officially run out of space on my DVR. I was worried about it last night while trying to watch some programs in order to delete them to make room, but I kept falling asleep. So I didn't get to delete Locked Up Abroad, Kell On Earth, and The Bachelor Wedding like I planned. They remain on my list clogging up space, along with a whole lot of other programs. It's gotten so bad that tonight I will not have enough room to record American Idol. Gasp I know! My store manager, who is also a TV whore, advised me to just start deleting stuff that won't kill me to see, but it's all important to me. I want to see Patti Stanger tell that millionaire seeker that she's ugly. I want to hear Oprah tell me not to text while driving, and I want to laugh while Kelly Cutrone tells that stressed out employee to take it outside. I need a vacation day just to watch TV!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Bachelor recap After the Final Rose

We're in front of a live audience three months after Jake chose Vienna. Host Chris Harrison greets us and right off the back introduces Tenley to come out onto the couch. Before talking with her though they show a recap of the lack of proposal. We come back and of course Tenley is tearing up. Chris asked her what she thought Jake meant when he said there was a lack of physical chemistry, and she replied that she still doesn't know what Jake meant. But in watching the show as it aired Tenley admitted that with Vienna Jake was completely different. She said she's nervous to see Jake again. Jake comes out and hugs Tenley. After Tenley compliments how he smells she asked him how he's doing then asked why again. Again, Jake stumbles on his words then admits he really didn't feel a magical spark with her, but he tells her that he really did love her. She tears up and they hug it out.

Tenley leaves and Jake and Chris can talk. Jake tells Chris how much in love with Vienna he is and that their relationship is like a fairytale. He said Vienna is all that and more. Although she was a controversial choice he said people need to trust that he made the right decision. Chris introduces Vienna and Jake and Vienna hug for like 60 seconds because this is their first time seeing each other since the process ended. It's clear that she's lost some weight, but something about her face looks weird. Maybe it's that shotty makeup job she always does. They tackle all of the rumors that have been in the tabloids: she dumped, she's cheating on him. They showed us the huge rock she's wearing and reiterate that they're together and in love. She said she's about to move to Dallas to move in with Jake, but there's no wedding date set yet. Chris tells them that the show is sending them back to St. Lucia for a vacation without the cameras, then a live performance/serenade from you guessed it Jeffrey Osborne singing On The Wings Of Love. Of course they dance and kiss and dip.

Chris Harrison is back alone to introduce the new and latest bachelorette - Ali. I knew it! Chris tells her that she's so loved by the whole country. I did like her a lot until she ended up being so dumb on The Bachelor. She's excited, Chris is excited, everyone is flipping excited. On top of that Dancing With The Stars just announced that Jake will be a contestant on the show this season. Oh goodness. Well I'm sure I'll be watching both. By the way, how awkward was it that they kept advertising Jason and Molly's wedding before and after they'd advertise Melissa (dramatically dumped by Jason) for Dancing With The Stars?!

The Bachelor recap Final Rose

Oh my what a finale. I found myself literally going back and forth for most of the episode: He's gonna pick Tenley, no Vienna. I just couldn't call it. We start with Jake in St. Lucia walking the beach alone telling us how in love he is with two women. Jake then heads to a beach house to meet his family who flew in to meet the two women he has fallen in love with. They sit down Jake tells them about Tenley and Vienna. He admits to them that all the women chasing Jake hated Vienna and his mom yelled out red flag. Jake kicks himself for telling his family that fact about Vienna. Tenley is first to meet Jake's family: his parents, his two brothers and their wives. They sit around and grill Tenley, then his mom takes her out alone for a private grilling, then his dad, in which she passes with flying colors. Then Jake has his own test for Tenley. He jumps in the pool with his clothes on and Tenley jumped in after him with her clothes on - she passed! How is Vienna top this? Well she's up next to try. The family sit around talking and Vienna admits that the girls hated her from the start of the process. Awkward silence. Jake's mom takes him away and tells him that she doesn't like Vienna. The two sisters-in-law talk to Vienna for a double team grilling. They were relentless to start, but she won them over. Mom's turn. She told Vienna that it worries her that she did not get along with the other women in the house. Vienna defended herself and won his mom over too.

Still in St. Lucia it's time for the individual dates. Vienna is up first and they go to a water fall stream where they strip down to their bathing suits and pretty much mud wrestle. They clean themselves off from the water fall then have champagne and make out. Later on he shows up at Vienna's beach house where she presents to him her promise ring and a touching poem. They lay around in each other arms and she tells him she's scared about the next rose ceremony. They kiss and he leaves.

Tenley is up next for her last hurrah with Jake. They get on a boat to go snorkeling and it's so cool what the camera is capturing. The coral reef is amazing. They get back on the boat and Jake is acting distant. Tenley asks Jake if everything is okay and he says to her that he's concerned that they have no physical chemistry, but the emotional chemistry is great. She's confused because she feels the physical chemistry and passion. Jake pretty much just told us who he is going to choose. Men always lead with their pecker... The pecker picks! That's Patti Stanger's line by the way. Jake arrives at Tenley's beach house to a romantic setting (poor Tenley is trying hard). She immediately asks him to clarify what he was talking about on the boat. He stumbled through some words trying to make her feel better, but it would have made me feel worse. She however took it as a challenge. She presented him with a collage of their time together then tongue him down.

It's engagement day! Jake tells us that he's still undecided. Whatever - you know. Neil Lane the jeweler comes to Jake's door to show him engagement rings. The salesman asks Jake to tell him about the girl so he can help him choose a ring, but Jake still doesn't know which girl he's going to give the ring to. He does know however that one girl like a round cut stone and the other a princess cut stone. What do you know, there's a ring there for both women, now choose one. The salesman told him to take both of the rings and decide later which one to keep. That round cut ring was amazing! Heck the princess cut is beautiful too. He sits down and reflects while staring at both rings. Which one will he choose? He takes one of the ring boxes and puts it in his jacket. He now knows his decision is right. They show both girls getting ready in their individual rooms simultaneously then boarding their own helicopter at the same time. Oh my God this is it, who will arrive first?

A helicopter is approaching Jake as he is standing there waiting. It lands and Tenley steps out. I knew it! I cannot believe Vienna won this thing. Tenley looks gorgeous in her gold strapless gown. She walks towards Jake filled with hope and smiles. He's not smiling, he's staring at the ground shaking his head then begins to speak. With all of that Tenley already knows she's not the one. While crying he tells her she's perfect and that he loves her. He says something between them just doesn't feel right. She gracefully cries and tells him because of him she knows that she can feel love again. They hug and cry, then Jake walks her out. She asks him why is he saying goodbye to her and he answers there is some part of him that is not natural with her. Host Chris Harrison is standing there to walk her the rest of the way to the car. Poor girl is crying her eyes out.

Another helicopter is approaching and Jake is checking out the princess cut ring he chose. Vienna exits the helicopter and Chris Harrison walks her towards Jake. I must say that Vienna's dress is absolutely gorgeous. A teal chiffon gown with an asymmetrical one shoulder wide band that comes down to a cinched waist courtesy of a shiny skinny teal belt. I'm not doing the dress's description justice. She arrives to Jake where they hug. She tells him she's really scared and that she doesn't want to lose him. She also tells him that she's in love with him. This girl is talking a lot. Jake starts by saying to her that she needs to take the promise ring she gave him back. Of course she immediately thinks it's because he's dumping her. She looks so sad. Jake follows by saying he loves her and she looks relieved and kisses him. He gets down on one knee and opens the ring box and asks her to marry him. She answers yes. Wow I cannot believe she won, just like she said she'd do in episode two or three.