Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Bachelor recap After the Final Rose

We're in front of a live audience three months after Jake chose Vienna. Host Chris Harrison greets us and right off the back introduces Tenley to come out onto the couch. Before talking with her though they show a recap of the lack of proposal. We come back and of course Tenley is tearing up. Chris asked her what she thought Jake meant when he said there was a lack of physical chemistry, and she replied that she still doesn't know what Jake meant. But in watching the show as it aired Tenley admitted that with Vienna Jake was completely different. She said she's nervous to see Jake again. Jake comes out and hugs Tenley. After Tenley compliments how he smells she asked him how he's doing then asked why again. Again, Jake stumbles on his words then admits he really didn't feel a magical spark with her, but he tells her that he really did love her. She tears up and they hug it out.

Tenley leaves and Jake and Chris can talk. Jake tells Chris how much in love with Vienna he is and that their relationship is like a fairytale. He said Vienna is all that and more. Although she was a controversial choice he said people need to trust that he made the right decision. Chris introduces Vienna and Jake and Vienna hug for like 60 seconds because this is their first time seeing each other since the process ended. It's clear that she's lost some weight, but something about her face looks weird. Maybe it's that shotty makeup job she always does. They tackle all of the rumors that have been in the tabloids: she dumped, she's cheating on him. They showed us the huge rock she's wearing and reiterate that they're together and in love. She said she's about to move to Dallas to move in with Jake, but there's no wedding date set yet. Chris tells them that the show is sending them back to St. Lucia for a vacation without the cameras, then a live performance/serenade from you guessed it Jeffrey Osborne singing On The Wings Of Love. Of course they dance and kiss and dip.

Chris Harrison is back alone to introduce the new and latest bachelorette - Ali. I knew it! Chris tells her that she's so loved by the whole country. I did like her a lot until she ended up being so dumb on The Bachelor. She's excited, Chris is excited, everyone is flipping excited. On top of that Dancing With The Stars just announced that Jake will be a contestant on the show this season. Oh goodness. Well I'm sure I'll be watching both. By the way, how awkward was it that they kept advertising Jason and Molly's wedding before and after they'd advertise Melissa (dramatically dumped by Jason) for Dancing With The Stars?!

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