Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Space Issues

I've officially run out of space on my DVR. I was worried about it last night while trying to watch some programs in order to delete them to make room, but I kept falling asleep. So I didn't get to delete Locked Up Abroad, Kell On Earth, and The Bachelor Wedding like I planned. They remain on my list clogging up space, along with a whole lot of other programs. It's gotten so bad that tonight I will not have enough room to record American Idol. Gasp I know! My store manager, who is also a TV whore, advised me to just start deleting stuff that won't kill me to see, but it's all important to me. I want to see Patti Stanger tell that millionaire seeker that she's ugly. I want to hear Oprah tell me not to text while driving, and I want to laugh while Kelly Cutrone tells that stressed out employee to take it outside. I need a vacation day just to watch TV!

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