Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Painted on

I want these pants! These leather leggings are break out the fire extinguisher hot on these chicas. Of course these girls may or may not be considered human. At any rate, next on my shopping list!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Not so BAZAAR cover

Check out my girl JLo in Harper's Bazaar February issue. She looks great on the cover wearing a Michael Kors empire gown in beautiful yellow. Make-up minimalistic and gorgeous, hair full and loose. I have yet to touch January's issue, so I cannot delve into this month instantly (my own hang-up!), but I sure am inspired.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Valentino retires

A bittersweet day for the 75-year old Italian fashion designer. Valentino showed his last collection in Paris last night ending his magnificent career to a standing ovation. Reuters ran a small blurb about it, check out the video:

Valentino's swansong

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Click your heels

I happened to wounder into DSW last night just to browse, well to see if I could find those marvelous Jessica Simpson pumps I posted about last week. Unfortunately I could not find them, but managed to walk out with a dazzling pair of ballet flats. I had no intention on purchasing anything other than the targeted JS pump, but these just popped out at me. Not only that but the price was to die for, I couldn't just let them sit there without a home, without a foot to snuggle up to could I? These Guess by Marciano silver flats are so darling and comfortable, at least felt comfortable for the short time I was in them while trying them on, that I cannot wait to slip them on for the world (and by world I mean town) to see. The best thing about these, although flat, they're dressy enough to where to work. Aren't these loverly!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Crazy in love

I'm so in love with Jessica Simpson. Well her shoe collection. I mean every solitary season I want to purchase each pair of her shoes! They are always so divinely gorgeous. I was walking through Macy's the other day and noticed a specific pair that I realize at this moment I need. This is a peep-toe that looks to be between three and four inches high. I kept my composure and my money in my pocket and did not even try them on, I just kept on walking. Many days later I find myself still thinking about them, like that cute boy I met in the club last month. I've attached a similar pair also by Jessica from, only my soon-to-be shoe is hole-less. Notice the nontraditional curved heel, a la Prada, without the steep price tag of course. Like I said the entire collection is to die for (as usual) but this one just stands out, as I will when they end up on my feet!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Designerrrrrs (in the Tim Gunn voice)

What kind of cable company does not carry the Bravo network?! After my move I am now forced to utilize Time Warner as my cable company provider. I had plenty of unpleasant experiences with Insight Communications cable, but they provided every channel I deemed necessary for my viewing entertainment. I've been hearing the horror of Time Warner's (and now experiencing) lack of channel carrying participation. We've all heard the dramas around Time Warner not agreeing to carry the Big Ten Network, another issue I have on a whole other level, but for my region not to carry a standard such at Bravo network? Unbelievable! I mean I am utterly baffled by this. I had to make them aware of my position, so of course I wrote to the cable company and put in a request. Their response:

Thank you for taking the time to contact us to request Bravo. This is our number one requested channel so we understand how important this channel is to our customers. Our Corporate office is having discussions with Bravo about carriage on our system.

Bull crap! How could this even be an issue in the first place? Why are we important customers forced to be in a position of requesting basic/standard channels? Obviously the most exhilarating show on the Bravo network is Project Runway! This is the best show on TV right now. My sister and I live for this show!... And now I'm missing all of the new (after the holidays) episodes. You cannot understand in how much disbelief I was in on a Wednesday at 10PM looking frantically for Bravo to view Project Runway not knowing that we DON'T carry Bravo here! Thus far I've missed one new episode. I found a few websites that do an excellent job of recapping the show, which I'll rely on until Time Warner decide to bring Bravo to my area. That and my sister's text messages. I miss Christian and the craziness that sputters from his mouth! He's hilarious. My sister loves Rami, who is awfully good. This season all of the designers are really good. This is why I am so upset and desperate for Time Warner to add Bravo; I am potentially missing the best season of Project Runway ever!