Thursday, January 17, 2008

Crazy in love

I'm so in love with Jessica Simpson. Well her shoe collection. I mean every solitary season I want to purchase each pair of her shoes! They are always so divinely gorgeous. I was walking through Macy's the other day and noticed a specific pair that I realize at this moment I need. This is a peep-toe that looks to be between three and four inches high. I kept my composure and my money in my pocket and did not even try them on, I just kept on walking. Many days later I find myself still thinking about them, like that cute boy I met in the club last month. I've attached a similar pair also by Jessica from, only my soon-to-be shoe is hole-less. Notice the nontraditional curved heel, a la Prada, without the steep price tag of course. Like I said the entire collection is to die for (as usual) but this one just stands out, as I will when they end up on my feet!

1 comment:

emsie said...

i'm not usually a fan of jessica simpson, but the shape of that shoe seems lovely. i do agree that it would look much better hole-less though.

yes, i am really 15; thank you :)