Sunday, January 20, 2008

Click your heels

I happened to wounder into DSW last night just to browse, well to see if I could find those marvelous Jessica Simpson pumps I posted about last week. Unfortunately I could not find them, but managed to walk out with a dazzling pair of ballet flats. I had no intention on purchasing anything other than the targeted JS pump, but these just popped out at me. Not only that but the price was to die for, I couldn't just let them sit there without a home, without a foot to snuggle up to could I? These Guess by Marciano silver flats are so darling and comfortable, at least felt comfortable for the short time I was in them while trying them on, that I cannot wait to slip them on for the world (and by world I mean town) to see. The best thing about these, although flat, they're dressy enough to where to work. Aren't these loverly!

1 comment:

Babs said...

They are cute. I hate that I look so frumpy in flats.