Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Bachelorette week 6

All I need to say is FINALLY! Finally DeAnna sent Graham on his merry cocky way. This week DeAnna visited the home towns of the final four men. Colorado, Texas, Washington, and North Carolina. The first three town visits and dates went very well and I could see that the men were really into her. Jesse finally kissed her, Jeremy and Jason were their usual loving affectionate selves. Graham started out as loving with DeAnna, but for some reason after dinner with the parents he completely turned cold. I think he is bipolar with a really really hot body. At the end of all of the home visits as DeAnna goes to leave them, the men hold her in his arms as if he can't live without her and we viewers can feel the passion. Graham barely looked at her, barely touched her, not even a peck and put her in the truck with hardly a goodbye. How could he behave that way knowing the next time he sees her will be at the rose ceremony? He either 1) overestimated his hold on her or 2) is just not that into her! The answer is 3) all of the above. Finally at the rose ceremony DeAnna comes down the stairs looking the best she's ever looked in my opinion with some crazy hot shoes on and doesn't wastes anytime but delves right into the rose distributions. She calls Jesse, Jeremy, then shocker she calls Jason and not Graham! Wow she finally took the blinders off and realized that this guy who she has a strong attraction to is not treating her the way she deserves. She offers to walk Graham out to say goodbye forever this time. They go to sit on the bench outside and she lets him have it. She tells him that she gave him numerous chances for him to express his feelings for her and he refused. She told him that he was the only one she was in love with. She accused him of swaying back and forth while smiling during the rose ceremony, which she was not happy with. I'm beginning to think she had every intention on calling Graham's name until that very moment. He turns his head away from the cameras as if to hide his too little too late emotions. He stands up and hands her a letter and asks her to read it. It's not clear if it was a goodbye letter and he expected not to be called, or just an old fashion love letter. I guess we'll find out next week. For now, peace-out Graham.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shopping spree

I was walking around downtown with my girlfriend who was in town on business when we discovered the cutest little boutique. "Let's go in" she said... OK! CATCH22 is such a cute little shop with a young female owner. It has a men's side and a women's side, with of course most of the inventory dedicated to women. Man there were some cute stuff in there, and stuff I'd never seen before; very innovative and creative clothes. I wanted everything in there. Dresses, trousers, jeans, tees, et cetera, but not your typical style. I loved how they placed throughout the store framed pictures of celebrities who don some of the purchasable items. I also loved that the price points were from the low end to kind of pricey. A little something for everyone. My girlfriend purchased a really cute bag. She was hesitant to pull the trigger initially because it was a big bag (I love big bags) and it was silver. I convinced her to buy it and she did. Did I mention that I wanted everything in there? Reality set in and I only purchased a few tops that are so cute that I'm already planning their reveal. I also picked up a pair of Kasil jeans designed by David Lim. The tops were reasonably priced, but the jeans were a bit up there. There were many other items in the boutique that I wanted to acquire but I decided to be relatively good. There was a bright red dress and I keep thinking about it. It did not come in small and I could have tried on a medium, but was advised against it. It would have been a great addition to the wedding invitation wardrobe, but oh well. I'm quite happy with what I did decide on.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Bachelorette week 5

I know why I am obsessed with this show - the guys are unbelievably hot! Kudos to ABC for selecting this crop of smiling, olive skin, 12-pack having male suitors. I don't know where these guys are from and what's in the water there, but I've never met 30-year men with normal jobs that have bodies like this. Jeremy is a Real Estate Attorney. I know for a fact that this profession puts in numerous hours at the office, so where in the world does he find time to look like that?! ABC lists Graham as a professional basketball player, which would explain the body, but he clearly states that he is a business professional living in New York City. I guess the basketball thing didn't work out. Jason is an Account Executive, and the guy I find most attractive. Like I said, normal jobs right. Jesse is a Snowboarder and is probably the least physically fit (but still not bad), which is ironic considering his profession. In last night's episode DeAnna mentioned how she found herself suddenly attracted to Jesse for the first time during their group date where they each rode an all-terrain bike. I have to say that I concur. The way Jesse handled the bike was pretty sexy, but then he takes off his helmet and displays his timidness in front of her - not sexy. Sean gets a one-on-one date with her where they enjoy dinner from atop a mountain. Sean is my kind of guy in that he really cares about his appearance and also cares about having the finer things in life. While they were hanging out and conversing, I could tell that it was not there for DeAnna. The only other one-on-one date this week rests with Jeremy. In my opinion his personality seems a little stiff and lacks a sense of humor, but then he disrobes to get into the pool... Whoa, incredible! Pick him, pick him! Graham is still displaying arrogance with his feelings presuming he is the front runner. He actually mentions this in so many words when DeAnna and Jeremy leave for their date. Graham and DeAnna grab a little time together during the group date where it was obvious to all watching how into Graham she is. He, on the other hand, barely touched her, and I don't think I saw him look into her eyes even once while they were talking. But as usual he got a rose at the rose ceremony and she offered it to him with an astronomical smile on her face. Can you say shoo-in. This week was important because the four she chooses get to take her home to meet their family and friends, which tell a lot about a person. I'm glad she chose the four she chose: Jason, Jeremy, Jesse, and Graham. The saga continues.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Bachelorette week 4

At the risk of sounding psycho, I have to say that I just love this season's Bachelorette! I'm actually pretty darn obsessed with the show. DeAnna Pappas, who was one of the rejected girls from last season's bachelor, gets to choose a man out of 25 who she hopes will propose to her at the season finale. I just love the way she handles herself on this show. Typically with the bachelor, the men go around getting to know his female contestants by seeing how many faces he can suck on. Out of 25 men, DeAnna has "made-out" with only 3 of them: Graham, Jeremy, and Jason. I have to commend her for being such a lady on the program. She speaks her mind, pours her heart out and looks graceful while doing it. If she were to behave any other way, the criticism would be overwhelming I'm sure. Can you say double standard? Honestly, if you've seen most of these guys you'd have to ask yourself, how the heck does she control herself?! There are quite a few guys on the show who are so amazingly aesthetic that no one would blame her if she were to disregard the cameras and put on her mischievous cap. I mean some of these guys are smokin' hot, and you know how some of us woman can be around a hot guy! DeAnna is no exception; she is so so so into Graham and not holding those feeling back in any way shape or form. On this past Monday's episode she clearly expressed her interest in Graham. On their one-on-one meeting she came right out and asked him for a kiss. His response: "I don't want to be one of a bunch". What? Yeah that was her response too. Dude, are you nuts? The rest of the episode was filled with drama mostly due to her feelings of rejection induced by Graham. The tension throughout the episode was so abundant and emotions just as potent that I was trying to Will her to dismiss Graham this week. Who goes on a dating show, meets a hot girl, and refuses to kiss her but expects to stick around? An arrogant jerk that's who. DeAnna and Graham did not even speak the remainder of the show until Graham finally decides to pull her aside just before the rose ceremony. Again tension existed, but somehow the conversation ended with a kiss...NOOOOO! Girl, he is not that into you can't you see! At the rose ceremony it came down to Graham and Brian and there was one last moment to hope that she'd do the right thing now and save herself the heartache later. Not so much: "Graham will you accept this rose?" Boooo! Anyway, this is still one of my favorite shows this summer so I'll keep watching despite disagreeing with the bachelorette's decisions sometimes.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Where am I?

I took a plane last weekend to Columbus to see and hang out with some old friends just because. My girlfriend and I went to the spa for deep treatment facials, which I was really looking forward to and boy did my skin need it. I did some shopping (of course) at some local boutiques. I also went out both nights last weekend and I have to say that I was sort of confused. What were these girls wearing? I felt like I was in Miami or Las Vegas somewhere. I mean these girls wore zero clothing! Granted it was probably the hottest night of the year; the humidity was excruciating. I wore a spaghetti strap v-neck below-the-knee jersey dress with silver 4-inch strappy sandals. My crew and I were simply cute, but the Columbus girls last weekend looked like they just stepped out of a music video or a XXX club. Heck had I known Columbus was getting down like this these days I would have been happy to oblige. Out were short-shorts, midriffs, cleavage, heels high as mountains that made my platforms look like those stupid crocs. I own such attire but they are usually reserved for places where nobody knows my name!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Missed it

Did anyone check out the MTV Movie Awards last night? Yeah neither did I. I was unaware that they were even in the vicinity of airing; I suppose part of that is due to my lack of interest in the channel these days. Since The Hills season finale a few weeks ago, I haven't tuned in to MTV at all. There's absolutely no show of interest on that network these days, and God knows they play no music videos, at least not at a reasonable time. Anyway, lucky for me if I do decide that I'm interested in viewing the movie awards, MTV will air them again about 10 thousand more times.