Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Bachelorette week 5

I know why I am obsessed with this show - the guys are unbelievably hot! Kudos to ABC for selecting this crop of smiling, olive skin, 12-pack having male suitors. I don't know where these guys are from and what's in the water there, but I've never met 30-year men with normal jobs that have bodies like this. Jeremy is a Real Estate Attorney. I know for a fact that this profession puts in numerous hours at the office, so where in the world does he find time to look like that?! ABC lists Graham as a professional basketball player, which would explain the body, but he clearly states that he is a business professional living in New York City. I guess the basketball thing didn't work out. Jason is an Account Executive, and the guy I find most attractive. Like I said, normal jobs right. Jesse is a Snowboarder and is probably the least physically fit (but still not bad), which is ironic considering his profession. In last night's episode DeAnna mentioned how she found herself suddenly attracted to Jesse for the first time during their group date where they each rode an all-terrain bike. I have to say that I concur. The way Jesse handled the bike was pretty sexy, but then he takes off his helmet and displays his timidness in front of her - not sexy. Sean gets a one-on-one date with her where they enjoy dinner from atop a mountain. Sean is my kind of guy in that he really cares about his appearance and also cares about having the finer things in life. While they were hanging out and conversing, I could tell that it was not there for DeAnna. The only other one-on-one date this week rests with Jeremy. In my opinion his personality seems a little stiff and lacks a sense of humor, but then he disrobes to get into the pool... Whoa, incredible! Pick him, pick him! Graham is still displaying arrogance with his feelings presuming he is the front runner. He actually mentions this in so many words when DeAnna and Jeremy leave for their date. Graham and DeAnna grab a little time together during the group date where it was obvious to all watching how into Graham she is. He, on the other hand, barely touched her, and I don't think I saw him look into her eyes even once while they were talking. But as usual he got a rose at the rose ceremony and she offered it to him with an astronomical smile on her face. Can you say shoo-in. This week was important because the four she chooses get to take her home to meet their family and friends, which tell a lot about a person. I'm glad she chose the four she chose: Jason, Jeremy, Jesse, and Graham. The saga continues.

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