Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Bachelorette week 6

All I need to say is FINALLY! Finally DeAnna sent Graham on his merry cocky way. This week DeAnna visited the home towns of the final four men. Colorado, Texas, Washington, and North Carolina. The first three town visits and dates went very well and I could see that the men were really into her. Jesse finally kissed her, Jeremy and Jason were their usual loving affectionate selves. Graham started out as loving with DeAnna, but for some reason after dinner with the parents he completely turned cold. I think he is bipolar with a really really hot body. At the end of all of the home visits as DeAnna goes to leave them, the men hold her in his arms as if he can't live without her and we viewers can feel the passion. Graham barely looked at her, barely touched her, not even a peck and put her in the truck with hardly a goodbye. How could he behave that way knowing the next time he sees her will be at the rose ceremony? He either 1) overestimated his hold on her or 2) is just not that into her! The answer is 3) all of the above. Finally at the rose ceremony DeAnna comes down the stairs looking the best she's ever looked in my opinion with some crazy hot shoes on and doesn't wastes anytime but delves right into the rose distributions. She calls Jesse, Jeremy, then shocker she calls Jason and not Graham! Wow she finally took the blinders off and realized that this guy who she has a strong attraction to is not treating her the way she deserves. She offers to walk Graham out to say goodbye forever this time. They go to sit on the bench outside and she lets him have it. She tells him that she gave him numerous chances for him to express his feelings for her and he refused. She told him that he was the only one she was in love with. She accused him of swaying back and forth while smiling during the rose ceremony, which she was not happy with. I'm beginning to think she had every intention on calling Graham's name until that very moment. He turns his head away from the cameras as if to hide his too little too late emotions. He stands up and hands her a letter and asks her to read it. It's not clear if it was a goodbye letter and he expected not to be called, or just an old fashion love letter. I guess we'll find out next week. For now, peace-out Graham.

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