Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Bachelorette week 7

Wow, what a tear jerker! I could also say, wow what a shocker! This week, after she finally got rid of Graham who was showing her zero love, DeAnna takes the guys individually on a romantic getaway excursion to Grand Bahama Island. Jeremy was first up for his last opportunity to prove his love for her. On this date they hung out on the beach, talking, goofing around, well Jeremy's boring version of goofing around but who cares did you see his body?!! Okay focus. They had dinner and Jeremy was acting nervous and fidgety, then he finally got it out that he really cares for her and cannot see his life without her in it. Throughout the day she seemed very into him and labeled him "perfect" countless times. She thanked him for expressing his feelings and lead him to the fantasy suite where they made out and God knows what else.

Next up was Jason on the same island. Is it only me who finds it weird that she's romancing these guys intimately at the same location? As soon as Jason sees her he runs into her arms. I'm sorry but I just find Jason so amazingly adorable. His smile is a winner and the way he looks at her and kisses her; envy! He has so much more life in him than Jeremy. Jason is constantly talking (in a good way) or laughing or showing her affection. They went on a picnic and kayaked, then to a late night dinner. I was a bit nervous for him however because I got the feeling during dinner that she wasn't as much into Jason as he is her. Every time he kissed her, which was a lot, she seemed to be caught off guard or would pull away I thought. I sat there baffled. What woman in her right mind wouldn't kill for that kind of attention from Jason?! Anyway, Jason went as far as to tell her he is falling in love with DeAnna, then off to the fantasy suite they go!

Last was Jesse to join her at the exotic location. Her face lights up enormously as she sees him running towards her. I'm wondering where did all of this come from? She's into Jesse? Jesse seems like a great guy, but she admits that these fond feelings for him are unexpected. During their day-date they went horseback riding (how romantic) and had a picnic where they seemed to just fit together in every aspect. He even calls her "Dee"! She initiates plenty of kisses with Jesse, which I did not notice her do with either of the other two men. Then was dinner where he pretended to not want to go to the shared suite until after he meets her parents. DeAnna was stunned, but he didn't let the feeling of rejection last too long and they took off to the fantasy suite.

After those three very different very intense dates I pretty much know who she is letting go: Jason, sniff sniff. Maybe I can find him for myself! First she calls out Jesse's name to receive the rose. My prediction is coming true. There's no way she's getting rid of Jeremy... right? "Jason, Jason will you accept this rose?" WHAT! OH MY GOD! From day one she's been all about Graham and Jeremy and you mean to tell me that neither one will be meeting her family or be putting a rock on her finger?! Wow I am shocked, and so was Jeremy. The perplexed look on his beautiful face lead me to tears. He admits that he is in love with her and that he is hurt. After a few miles in the limo, he tells the driver to stop and he gets out of the car to pace the grounds. This episode really touched me.

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