Monday, July 14, 2008

Heavenly Will

I have a new love of my life: William Wingfield. Will dances on season four's TV show So You Think You Can Dance and is arguably the most talented of the ten remaining dancers; I mean his technique is ridiculous. He trained with dance choreographer legend Debbie Allen, who shows up regularly in the crowd to cheer him on. Aside from Will's incredible skill, his body is off the charts!! Now everyone knows that dancers have some of the best bodies on the planet, but Will's body is unbelievable! I only noticed this quality of Will's during week five where he performed a Mandy Moore's lyrical jazz routine shirtless! In the piece his shirt ended up being the prop that helped tell the story and boy was I thankful! The number was absolutely incredible, and the best his partner Jessica King has ever danced on this show. The following week Will danced practically naked to a Tyce Diorio contemporary routine where my jaw was to the floor. This man has to be about 3 percent body fat, I mean amazing; And the moves these choreographers request of him, the astonishing strength and power that are needed to achieve the beauty behind the numbers are extraordinary. Any style that Will performs he does so with grace and makes his moves look effortless. At a recent judgement Mia Michaels told Will that she thinks he is tired of carrying his current dance partner Jessica; Well I wish he would carry me. He could carry me anytime!

Photo from YahooTV

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Anonymous said...

I wish I would have known about this Will love when the show was on lol.