Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Bachelorette final rose week

I was at work the whole day dying with anticipation of the final episode. Who will she choose: Jason or Jesse? After last week I truly feel like it's going to be Jesse, but lets find out shall we! First they summarize the relationship she has with the two men, and it's so clear how different the relationships are with both of them. During this episode she takes them to meet her family in Georgia who she confesses she is extremely close to. Jason is up first and he seems to be very comfortable right from the start. He's being himself smiling, being articulate, sharing his feelings for his son and for DeAnna. He handled the interrogation from her sister and her father with grace. Jason even asked her father for his permission to propose to DeAnna, which her dad was especially impressed by. After his departure DeAnna's family enthusiastically gave Jason the two thumbs up.

Next Jesse comes to DeAnna's family's house where her father warns her just before Jesse's arrival that he plans on grilling him. They could tell immediately that Jesse was nervous. He came across less than talkative, shy with not much depth to him. Her dad took Jesse for a one-on-one conversation where he basically threatened him if he doesn't let his daughter visit home frequently. Jesse admits to DeAnna that he "blew it" during the visit. He was not incorrect in his assessment of how the day went. In the family summary of the two men they raved about Jason and definitely encouraged that relationship. Her father also shared his disappointment that Jesse did not ask his permission to marry DeAnna if it came down to it. I LOVE Jason, but I thought the family was very judgemental when it came to Jesse and did not give him a chance from the beginning. Also, they kept focusing on how long his hair is - um WHO CARES! Does he love and treat your daughter with respect?

Later that day the men get the chance to met her entire family, and Jesse is first. He seems a little more relaxed and less nervous this time around, but five minutes later the doorbell rings and Jason is standing there. The entire family meeting is a big party (slash competition) for the two men to simultaneously vie for the family's affection. They did a great job and I could see both men fitting into the family nicely. Jesse takes this opportunity to ask DeAnna's dad for his permission to propose to her, and he grants it after a few questions. The family now seems torn about who DeAnna should choose, so I suppose that puts her back to square one. Man after this day Jesse has moved up tremendously in my book.

The scene returns back to the Bahamas where they show Jeremy needing to talk with DeAnna - WHAT THE?! This is like real life, wow! He shows up at her place and tells her that she's made a huge mistake by letting him go. He tells her how much he loves and needs her, and practically begs her to give them a chance and I just lost it. He says he didn't open up during the process and he was afraid and guarded. Huh? He was the one man who opened up the most and let her know just how he felt from the beginning. She tells him that she doesn't love him and that they're not meant to be. You heart breaker you. They hug goodbye and that's the end of Jeremy. God where are my kleenex.

DeAnna goes on one more date with Jesse. Jesse's calves look amazing in his shorts, but more so than that, Jesse's hands are so sexy! After the beach he gives her a photo album and tells her she is his soul mate and that he loves her; so cute! Next up is Jason and he is running into her arms. They swim with sharks then back in his room he gives her a board game that he made that described their time together... Have I mentioned that I LOVE Jason! He tells her he loves her and they say goodnight.

Now for the moment we've been waiting for. The men go engagement ring shopping by Tacori and Jason chooses a cirque setting (center stone encircled) with a cushion cut center stone and one smaller round stone on each side. Jesse chooses a pave' setting (diamonds down 3 sides!) with a princess cut center stone. Both men look so incredibly handsome; Jason with a navy suit, royal blue shirt and orange tie (which he noted his son chose). Jesse with a charcoal suit, pink shirt and multicolored tie. DeAnna looks beautiful wearing a strapless chiffon blue/green gown and subtle strappy silver heels. First to pull up in the limo is Jason... OH NO!!! Not really a surprise, but it's reality now that he's getting dumped. He walks towards her with a huge smile plastered on his face. He reaches her and hugs her tight. They gaze into each others eyes, then he immediately gets down on one knee. He looks up at her only to hear "no, I can't". The look on his face after hearing that, I instantly started balling! He sat on one knee for what felt like an eternity staring at her in disbelief. I kept torturing myself by rewinding that clip, I just couldn't get over the look of distress on his face. She finally pulls him up and tells him that he's amazing and that she cares for him, but that she's in love with someone else. He gives her a long hug goodbye and she walks him out to the limo. While in the limo he legitimately looks confused and distraught and it's so sad to watch. Jesse pulls up in the limo next and he looks very nervous. The host leads him to DeAnna and they embrace and kiss. She stands there in silence and Jesse begins speaking to her about his feelings for her. Another moment of silence then he gets down on one knee while showing her the ring in the box. He asks, "will you spend forever with me"? She stares down at him then answers, "yes"! He stands up briskly and kisses her then places the ring on her finger. She finally tells him she loves him in return and places the final rose on his lapel. That's the finale. I don't want to nip pick, but I hope my guy actually uses the word "marry" in his proposal. Anyway, a very cute ending and a very good choice for her. They revealed later the wedding date is in May 2009. Hopefully this couple works out.

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