Saturday, November 22, 2008

Complimentary evening

I woke up this morning still thinking about my outfit! What I mean is, I finally wore my little black wool BCBG skirt. My friend JH and I went to the symphony last night and I thought, what a perfect place to go and put on ready-to-wear BCBG. I have to declare that we looked great! I wore the skirt with a very light-blue (nearly white) sleeveless cotton ruffle shirt and I put a fitted steal gray merino wool cardigan over it - both from Banana Republic; Black opaque tights and black patent booties that are only two inches in height. My date wore a pale pink button-down with a dark pink (striped with white) tie; Heather gray Yves Saint Laurent trousers and a navy corduroy two-button blazer accessorized with a brown belt and brown round-toe shoes. I mean does that not sound like the perfect pair or what?! We had an excellent time drinking, people-watching, and of course listening to the music. JH even got to shake the lead cellist's hand. The night was so much fun. And I have to mention that I've never seen so much fur (well except in Chicago) in my life! Now where else can we go to don our ready-to-wear pieces?...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Doing my part

What have I done?! I won't be eating for a month after this. I just spent like crazy at BCBG's fall 2008 ready-to-wear collection. I posted before about how much I love the line this season and I finally broke down and bought some pieces. Even though my bank account and my empty stomach will hate me after this, I'm so in love with my choices and isn't that what matters! Now I have to find somewhere to go to wear them, but thus far I pretty much love sitting here staring at them on its hanger. From I was able to find the black skirt I purchased and the slate gray dress too... The smile on my face = ear-to-ear! Plus I'm helping the economy. I plan to wear the skirt with black opaque tights and a patent bootie, still giving the top some thought. The dress with a shiny lame' legging in black and a chunky closed-toe heel most likely in black but you never know. Oh and the dress has a slit from the nape down to the lower back so when I turn around, surprise!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Still the bachelorette

I am sooooo sad today. This is a little late because I've been a tad busy but I've just learned that DeAnna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak have called off their May 2009 wedding and have officially broken up. This is the bachelorette program that aired just this past summer where I was more than a little obsessed over. I just loved DeAnna, and her selection of male suitors were impeccable. So much so that I found myself rooting for a different front runner on more than one occasion, but ended up falling for runner-up Jason Mesnick (who's scheduled to be the next bachelor by the way). However when she chose Jesse I was very happy for them. I don't know why I'm so sad or surprised for that matter, I mean out of what 10 seasons only ONE couple has managed to make it?! But there was something special about this couple to me; they were so cute together. In the video clip Jesse posted he says that DeAnna told him that she is not in love with him. Something tells me she gonna find her way to NYC on a Graham Bunn search.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Attention shoppers

I was at work in the store today trying to get shoppers to come in and look at our beautiful collection and buy it up when one customer strolls in and asked, "how's business?" "How's business in this economy", I clarified? It was a fair question. Actually we haven't really felt the pinch during this drying economy. People come in all the time and spend mad money with us. There are times when I'm baffled that people drop that kind of cash on clothes especially now, but then I remember when I was making more money how I would just walk into a store and drop nearly four figures at once! I'm actually someone who considers future repercussions before acting in the present, but my shopping addiction gets the better of me at times. So food and gas prices are up, so folks are losing their jobs, so my investment portfolio is evaporating into thin air, but you still need to look fabulous right?! Researchers say that this is going to be one of the worst and slowest holiday sessions for the retail industry. I guess that means people would rather shop for themselves now than save for gift giving, or save for a potential rainy day for that matter. Whatever, just spend it here!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

You're fired!

This has been such a busy and crazy week for me but I've finally made time to watch The Hills. I know it is absolutely pathetic to watch these kids' "reality" and have such strong opinions about it but I have to say FINALLY to the firing of Heidi from Bolthouse. I just never understood why her boss Brent would continually fight for her and defend her incompetence and insubordination. Well actually I do understand; I mean who doesn't want the exposure for their business from MTV's cameras all over the office. Heidi, as long as those cameras are following you around, you are welcome to act like a fool and still keep your job. That is until now. Heidi's boss was finally fed up by her unprofessional actions - drinking on the job, inviting friends to a private event, and just down right not working. How do you defend that? Pack your @#%* and get out... Sorry but I love it!