Saturday, November 08, 2008

You're fired!

This has been such a busy and crazy week for me but I've finally made time to watch The Hills. I know it is absolutely pathetic to watch these kids' "reality" and have such strong opinions about it but I have to say FINALLY to the firing of Heidi from Bolthouse. I just never understood why her boss Brent would continually fight for her and defend her incompetence and insubordination. Well actually I do understand; I mean who doesn't want the exposure for their business from MTV's cameras all over the office. Heidi, as long as those cameras are following you around, you are welcome to act like a fool and still keep your job. That is until now. Heidi's boss was finally fed up by her unprofessional actions - drinking on the job, inviting friends to a private event, and just down right not working. How do you defend that? Pack your @#%* and get out... Sorry but I love it!

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My Fashion Frenzy said...

That show is so annoying, but oddly, I find myself still watching it from time to time. HA!