Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Attention shoppers

I was at work in the store today trying to get shoppers to come in and look at our beautiful collection and buy it up when one customer strolls in and asked, "how's business?" "How's business in this economy", I clarified? It was a fair question. Actually we haven't really felt the pinch during this drying economy. People come in all the time and spend mad money with us. There are times when I'm baffled that people drop that kind of cash on clothes especially now, but then I remember when I was making more money how I would just walk into a store and drop nearly four figures at once! I'm actually someone who considers future repercussions before acting in the present, but my shopping addiction gets the better of me at times. So food and gas prices are up, so folks are losing their jobs, so my investment portfolio is evaporating into thin air, but you still need to look fabulous right?! Researchers say that this is going to be one of the worst and slowest holiday sessions for the retail industry. I guess that means people would rather shop for themselves now than save for gift giving, or save for a potential rainy day for that matter. Whatever, just spend it here!

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