Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Opportunity presented

I finally got the opportunity (and guts) to wear my sexy, or scandalous according to my mom, bathing suit. I had been looking for a cut-out suit forever, but all the suits I found in that design were way too pricey or just not exactly right. I finally found the perfect one on some random website last year and purchased it at a very reasonable price. After trying it on, it sat in my dresser drawer for a year! I found it way too sexy to pull off at the local pool; However a trip to the Bahamas would be the perfect opportunity. Here I am finally wearing it!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Bachelor season 223

The show is really in its 13th season, but The Bachelor seems to be going on forever and with only two happy couples to show for it. Last night hot bachelor Jason Mesnick made his choice and boy did some drama go down afterwards, but lets start with his journey. I posted about his experience on last season's show where it came down to bachelorette DeAnna choosing Jason or Jesse. Everyone was so touched when Jason got down on his knee to propose to DeAnna only to hear from her "no, I can't". I was literally in tears and felt so bad for him. To no ones surprise ABC made Jason this season's bachelor and why not: he's incredibly hot, so sweet, and seems to have the best personality. They brought about 25 women as usual and from the beginning you could tell who he was going to give the chance to. The four women whose family he chose to meet were Melissa, Molly, Jillian, and Naomi. I knew he was not truly into Naomi from their dynamics and interaction (not to mention her weirdo family), there was no surprise that he let her go. After the romantic get-away to New Zealand he discovered that Jillian was not the one for him, and I say about time. She was annoying in my opinion and Jason could definitely do better. Now it's down to Melissa and Molly. The chemistry and his affection for Melissa were undeniable from the very beginning. Throughout the process I could feel the genuine love Melissa had for Jason and it looked to be reciprocated. Then came the meeting of his family including his son Ty. It was at that moment that I could see and tell that Jason was more in love with Molly than Melissa and boy was I disappointed, but you can just see Jason light up when he is with Molly. By this point both women have professed their love for him, but there was something about Melissa that I felt would be the better choice for Jason. Melissa and Molly both had one last date and used that time to reiterate their strong genuine feelings for Jason, and again it was clear on camera to me that he was more in love with Molly.

It's proposal day and guess who shows up at Jason's door? That stupid dumb dumper DeAnna! She has broken up with her first choice Jesse and came to tell Jason she made a mistake. She told him she chose the fun wildcard in Jesse and not the sure safe bet in Jason. Jason admits that the two women he is choosing between have similar dynamics in that one is everything he thought he wanted in Melissa and the other woman is the more challenging one in Molly. Then that stupid dumb dumper DeAnna told Jason that she's there because he hasn't proposed yet and to give them another chance. Luckily Jason saw right through it and told her to get to steppin, that he's going to choose Melissa or Molly, not her! DeAnna tells Jason to be smart and to look further than the "wildcard". What?! Don't tell him who to choose you stupid dumb dumper!

At this point I really don't know who he is going to choose. Throughout the season I was positive that he would choose Melissa, but I truly don't know now! Then Molly's limo is the first to pull up - you know what that means: he's not choosing Molly! Wow, I was shocked and surprisingly sad because he seemed to be more in love with Molly. Then he had me in tears, literally! After dumping Molly he completely broke down sobbing like I've never seen a man sob before. Then he pulls himself together and proposes to Melissa, only I was left to wonder why. I hope it works out.

On the After The Final Rose show there was no audience or screaming girls as normal, it was just host Chris, a billion candles, and a couch. Jason comes out alone to eerie silence to tell host Chris and the cameras that he and Melissa are not right for each other and that he can't stop thinking about Molly. WHAT?!! Melissa later comes out to join Jason and host Chris only to get dumped on television. It was very dramatic and humiliating. She called Jason "such a bastard" and gave him back the ring. Was it only me who felt so awkward that host Chris was just sitting there listening to the break-up as if he was their counselor?! He finally excused himself towards the end of Jason's dumping of Melissa then she was able to let loose on Jason and told him not to call or text her ever again. It was a sad sight and I felt sorry that they had to handle that on television. After Melissa leaves to get into a limo by herself, Molly sits down alone with host Chris to express that she is still in love with Jason and still has a lot of questions for him not knowing that Jason is about to ask her back. Jason joins them on the couch and she immediately starts asking him her questions. Jason confesses to Molly that he just dumped Melissa because he cannot stop thinking about her. He commences to ask her back but to take it slow. Molly is obviously confused and asks, "what about Melissa?" He tells Molly it's over and he loves her and wants to see where it goes. Molly's priceless expression says it all and confesses that she's been dreaming of this moment. She agrees to give him another chance but conversations need to take place. They kiss and hug and I guess they're going to pick up where they left off. Molly was right when she told him he would regret letting her go on proposal day. All I can say is wow and I wish them the best, but the odds are against them. Oh and poor Melissa.