Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Love at first sight

The clarity of this picture is terrible and doesn't do the shoe justice considering it came from my pc monitor, but when I saw this shoe I had to post it. This platform pump popped up on Versace's Spring/Summer 2007 runway and I have to have them! I need them! I don't know how one walks in them and at my height I'd probably look like Rupal in them, but these are so hot I don't even care about the "cons". Okay they're probably $500+ so there's no chance I'll ever own them, but a girl can dream right.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I had to do it

So you know I'm a shoeaholic, and more than that I'm a sucker for a shoe sale. Our Nine West boutique was having a, in the word of Victoria Beckham, MAJOR shoe sale. I mean 50 and 60% off the majority of the store. By the time I heard about the sale and made it to the store mostly everything was gone or picked over. I did run into a pair of gorgeous gray suede platform wedges. Upside: $15, I'm not kidding $15 for a shoe normally sold for $69. Downside: half size too small. Actually since this heel has to be over four inches tall, the shoe is probably a whole size too small. I tried the pair on and immediately got visions of Naomi Campbell falling during her strut on the runway back in the 90s. How the heck am I going to walk in these, and that's only after I managed to get my feet in them! At this price I had to pull the trigger though. These will clearly be a dinner shoe. Happy Birthday Babs!

Friday, August 24, 2007

WHO will be ANTM

Babs has alerted me that Tyra and company just released the competitors for Season 9 America's Next Top Model. Looks like a nice variety and diverse group of prospective models. As usual in my opinion there are only a few girls who I feel I could actually see in designer campaign ads and designer runways shows. But this is only based off a photograph, having said that, my opinion could and most likely will change. I don't know if I'm blind while looking at this photograph, but I don't see a "plus size" model. I mention this because there's usually at least one "heavy" girl trying to compete amongst size two (or smaller) girls.

I cannot believe this show is going into its ninth season. I must admit that I'm growing a tad weary of the show. After eight seasons the ideas and concepts are the same, and the girls almost always look the same. It's lacking innovation and excitement, but my loyal personality won't let me abandon the show. Anyway, the season starts up again September 19th, and I'll be there.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

hee hee hee

I just got in from a bachelorette party. I know what you're thinking - it couldn't have been all that fun if I'm coherent enough to write! But no, although we stayed in town, we had a very good time. We first met at the bride-to-be's house where we feasted on hors d'oeuvres, listened to underground sounds, and of course opened up gag gifts. I got her a whip (think Cat Woman) entirely made up of candy. The girls convinced her to take it with us, I'm getting a premonition. Anyway so the seven of us piled into the designated driver bridesmaid's SUV, and off to the bars we go with whip in hand and vale adorned. At the club we attained VIP table service which means you are your own bartender. Yeah, bad news. The DJ gave the bachelorette a shout-out as we danced and drank all night long while utilizing the whip. By utilizing I mean going up to random guys and spanking them. As you can imagine a lot of good sports were in the club. Outside however we encounter a bit of a problem child. The bachelorette took it upon herself to spank a guy manning the grill of a portable vendor. Well a female patron waiting for her gyro sandwich was not at all too thrilled with us and verbally expressed it while physically a little too close. "I don't want to get whipped while I'm getting my sandwich." I instantly reacted, "Um you weren't whipped, he was." What am I 16? Anyway that girl didn't want any piece of us! I am 16! We finally get our car in hopes to fill our stomachs with McDonald's. We pull up to the bride's driveway and all of a sudden the bride jumps out of the car and regurgitates right into the flower bed. Nice timing!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ouuu Miu Miu

I was flipping through my July issue of Vogue magazine and came across these absolutely loverly Miu Miu pumps! Aren't they gorgeous! Looks to be a 4 inch block heel surrounded in off-white, pink, red, and purple patent round toe. I am officially in love but at $575 ummm not so sure.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bone Thugs are back

Everyone has been talking about rap group Bone Thugs N Harmony's new CD Strength & Loyalty. I personally like their latest single from the CD Lil Love featuring my girl Mariah Carey. My coworker purchased and played the new CD for me which led to a question, a discussion really - what is Bone Thugs' all time best single? I easily chose 1st of tha Month. Everyone loved that song when it dropped in 1995. The beat was crazy, the way it hit you from the very beginning just after a school bell (which was suppose to be an alarm clock I guess) rang; and the lyrics were comical yet inspiring. The second verse done by Bizzy Bone was the tightest! He was truly the harmonious one in the group, where the heck is he now? Layzie Bone though had a line in his verse, "I'm yawning lightweight bent chugga lugga take a fifth to the dome" that I use to rewind and rewind! Even the music video to 1st of the Month was great. My coworker chose their song Notorious Thugs featuring The Notorious B.I.G. Huh what? Really, out of everything?! Alright that was a good song too and it featured the great Biggie Smalls, "It's Bone and Biggie Biggie", but their all time best? Another coworker chose East 1999 also dropped in 1995. That was a good song I suppose. Tha Crossroads, which went very mainstream and Thug Luv featuring Tupac came up in the discussion as well. Yes both very good songs released in 1995 and 1997 respectively. I'm pretty certain my sister would choose Thuggish Ruggish Bone. I just remember being in her car and the song blaring beyond belief in 1994. Bone Thugs have been around for a while now. What song would you say is their all time best (released or not)?

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Helloooo McFly!

At the risk of sounding arrogant and/or mean, why is it that any ole' guy thinks he can approach any female in a bar? I was at a bar over the weekend and I had guys approach me who all had one thing in common - not physically attractive. Not in my opinion anyway. I don't want to sound obsessed with looks and aesthetic attributes but you have to admit that it is a factor, even if it's minute, when meeting people at a bar. I try to be very friendly (which comes naturally!) but friendly and nice can be misconstrued as interest and encouragement. Leading someone on is one of the most selfish things one can do, so I told one particular gentleman after he asked for my phone number, "I don't date short guys". My girlfriend couldn't believe I actually said that to him, but he was being a little too pushy for his own good which called for bluntness!

I can appreciate a good conversation with a random guy, it's the phone number asking thing that gets me. My phone number? I mean what are we really going to do together? You don't want to just talk with me and I don't want to date you, so what is the point? I often hear the saying that you attract people who are similar to you, which leads me to look to the mirror and chant "Candyman Candyman"... Just kidding! - mirror mirror on the wall.... One guy accused me of being shallow. My response - "duh!" BTW, don't you just love that Hyundai 'DUH' commercial? I digress. Well if caring about your physical well being and your potential partner's physical well being is shallow just cart me off now!

My girlfriend says I'll be worried if and when the guys stop approaching me, and for me to take it as a compliment. I do not agree, I'd much rather have no one approach me! I am happy to talk with anyone and I am flattered when I get approached, I mean I'm not all that. Not since 0 became the new 2!