Sunday, August 19, 2007

hee hee hee

I just got in from a bachelorette party. I know what you're thinking - it couldn't have been all that fun if I'm coherent enough to write! But no, although we stayed in town, we had a very good time. We first met at the bride-to-be's house where we feasted on hors d'oeuvres, listened to underground sounds, and of course opened up gag gifts. I got her a whip (think Cat Woman) entirely made up of candy. The girls convinced her to take it with us, I'm getting a premonition. Anyway so the seven of us piled into the designated driver bridesmaid's SUV, and off to the bars we go with whip in hand and vale adorned. At the club we attained VIP table service which means you are your own bartender. Yeah, bad news. The DJ gave the bachelorette a shout-out as we danced and drank all night long while utilizing the whip. By utilizing I mean going up to random guys and spanking them. As you can imagine a lot of good sports were in the club. Outside however we encounter a bit of a problem child. The bachelorette took it upon herself to spank a guy manning the grill of a portable vendor. Well a female patron waiting for her gyro sandwich was not at all too thrilled with us and verbally expressed it while physically a little too close. "I don't want to get whipped while I'm getting my sandwich." I instantly reacted, "Um you weren't whipped, he was." What am I 16? Anyway that girl didn't want any piece of us! I am 16! We finally get our car in hopes to fill our stomachs with McDonald's. We pull up to the bride's driveway and all of a sudden the bride jumps out of the car and regurgitates right into the flower bed. Nice timing!

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