Sunday, August 26, 2007

I had to do it

So you know I'm a shoeaholic, and more than that I'm a sucker for a shoe sale. Our Nine West boutique was having a, in the word of Victoria Beckham, MAJOR shoe sale. I mean 50 and 60% off the majority of the store. By the time I heard about the sale and made it to the store mostly everything was gone or picked over. I did run into a pair of gorgeous gray suede platform wedges. Upside: $15, I'm not kidding $15 for a shoe normally sold for $69. Downside: half size too small. Actually since this heel has to be over four inches tall, the shoe is probably a whole size too small. I tried the pair on and immediately got visions of Naomi Campbell falling during her strut on the runway back in the 90s. How the heck am I going to walk in these, and that's only after I managed to get my feet in them! At this price I had to pull the trigger though. These will clearly be a dinner shoe. Happy Birthday Babs!

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Babs said...

You know you are wrong for buying shoes that DON'T FIT! lol