Friday, August 24, 2007

WHO will be ANTM

Babs has alerted me that Tyra and company just released the competitors for Season 9 America's Next Top Model. Looks like a nice variety and diverse group of prospective models. As usual in my opinion there are only a few girls who I feel I could actually see in designer campaign ads and designer runways shows. But this is only based off a photograph, having said that, my opinion could and most likely will change. I don't know if I'm blind while looking at this photograph, but I don't see a "plus size" model. I mention this because there's usually at least one "heavy" girl trying to compete amongst size two (or smaller) girls.

I cannot believe this show is going into its ninth season. I must admit that I'm growing a tad weary of the show. After eight seasons the ideas and concepts are the same, and the girls almost always look the same. It's lacking innovation and excitement, but my loyal personality won't let me abandon the show. Anyway, the season starts up again September 19th, and I'll be there.

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