Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Get off the Banana Boat

I heard an interesting fact on the radio during my morning drive today. The DJ listed sun protection products that don't do much protecting, one namely Banana Boat. Yes one of the biggest, successful, popular skin care products is on the list of suspicious components when it comes to sun damage protection. I was most interested because I was at the beach a few weeks ago and used Banana Boat's Ultra Defense spray product in SPF 30. I naturally have a lot of melanin in my skin, which means it takes a lot for the sun to burn me. I applied with this Banana Boat product quite liberally, but for some reason throughout the weekend it felt as if I hadn't applied anything at all. The sun is extremely strong in the south hence why I oppted for the Ultra Defense sunblock line. Well just like the DJ reported this morning, the product did not work! Despite constant application, I was burned just as I suspected was happening! I knew I heard my back sizzling. Hawaiian Tropic was another product on the list where its ingredients are not up-to-par according to this report. I cannot recall what specifically is in (or not in) these products that deem them unfit sun protectants, but after experiencing first hand the lack of effectiveness, I'll add Banana Boat to the do not use list.

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Babs said...

My dermatologist told me to use SPF 85! Isn't that crazy!