Thursday, March 25, 2010

New H&M in NC

H&M has finally decided to grace the state of North Carolina, specifically Raleigh, with its presence. Grand opening was last Thursday and of course it was a frenzy. My friend called in to work and told his boss he's not coming in just so he could go and brave the crowd. He stood in line for an hour and a half and told me there had to be around 700 people there, but he said it was worth it because he picked up some very nice pieces. I got there at around 6PM and the crowd was not nearly as bad - the positive. The negative - everything had been picked over. I did manage to find some pieces to stand in the fitting room line for. It wound up taking 40 minutes of standing and slow moving before I was able to get in a room. I had a hand full of stuff mostly because I pulled two sizes in everything knowing that H&M runs small. I usually wear a size 2 so I pulled both 2 and 4. There was no need for me to even try-on any of the size 2 stuff because OH MY GOD I could barely fit in the size 4! I cannot believe that I have to go up TWO sizes to get into H&M clothes, that's just ridiculous. Anyway, I got nothing because I wasn't about to stand in line for another 40 minutes.

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stylishme said...

I hate that about H&M. They stuff is cute on the hanger but then it fits poorly and you have to size way up which makes you feel sh!tty all over again. Boo.