Tuesday, November 10, 2009

D&G #18

I was walking through Nordstrom when the perfume lady sprayed me down with D&G La Lune 18. Now typically I'm not in the mood for such things, but oh my goodness if this scent didn't smell heavenly. A sweet and light scent that I would wear everyday. I took the sprayed paper she gave me and held it to my nose sniffing it all day. As soon as it's marked down, I'm there! Currently 3.3 ounces retails for $65.

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Anonymous said...

that damn nordstrom lady got me hooked on juicy's viva la juicy. i mean, i was walking by, minding my own business, and squirt. i experienced inital anger that she had sprayed me down...until i got a whiff of that lovely fragrance.

i own a jumbo sized bottle of it now.....