Sunday, September 07, 2008

Dance Darling Dance

I have been so obsessed with all of the dance TV shows airing lately that it has inspired me to sign up for dance classes. Okay duh I already know how to dance, but I have never partaken in choreographed dancing. I began taking a dance style known as Afro Fusion, where Hip-Hop dancing meets African dance for a 10-week course. The class was dynamic and high energy to African drums & rhythms and hip-hop music. There were times when I thought I was going to pass out, but I somehow lasted the entire hour every week. Our choreographer taught us three different Afro Fusion pieces to three hip-hop songs, along with different individual moves to African beats. Each piece was creative, kinetic, and sexy, but I always felt I was slow to perfect the pieces in its entirety during class, especially the individual moves separate from the three pieces. By the tenth week however I felt like I nailed all three routines and was proud of myself. We ended the session on a high with new friendships and self-confidence, and I was happy. Before we left she told us that all of the instructors of the dance studio will be performing at a local theatre in celebration of the studio's 15 year anniversary. Knowing how well my teacher dances I was more than happy to support the celebration showcasing the choreographers. The week of the show, my teacher emailed me and all of the ladies in my class asking us if we would like to participate in the celebration by flaunting one or more of the routines we learned. I reluctantly replied that I would be happy to contribute to the exhibition. After a couple of practices, we were on stage facing 100 people! I could not believe what I got myself into. I haven't performed in front of people since my fifth grade play! I was extremely nervous just hoping and praying that I would not mess up any of the steps. To top things off she incorporated a solo section; so not only did we have to perform the pieces she choreographed for us in class, but we had to come up with a solo to do immediately after. Well I got through it and it was exhilarating! I would definitely do it again. By the way, we wore solid color tees (pink for me) and kente cloth to wrap as a skirt (purple with white trimming for me). The theme was to be colorful and joyous.

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