Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just Stand Up

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HOW in those stripper pumps?! These are some of the ladies who graced the Fashion Rocks stage last night singing their dedication in support of cancer research titled, Just Stand Up. Being the shoe fanatic that I am the first thing that I noticed (aside from Beyonce's hair) was the ladies' shoes. Clearly the wardrobe for this number called for a black Stand Up To Cancer tee and dark bottoms. Although it looks like Natasha Bedingfield either didn't get the memo or wanted to display her rebellious ways dressed in bright white skinny jeans. All of the ladies work black stripper-like pumps. Platform heels 4+ inches tall in open-toe, closed-toe, knee-boots, and calve-boots, etc. The shoes were all definitely and undeniably sexy. If I had the opportunity to have one of the outfits for myself, I would choose Ciara's look. I just love the lame' legging, but the woman best dressed goes to Carrie Underwood. She looks comfortably sexy in her bermuda length jeans, and those fabulous pumps she wore are to die for! Leona Lewis is a close second for me in her chic pencil skirt and the strappy bootie. Oh the other thing I noticed: did Mariah really need to bring her bling bling microphone to sing a charitable song?

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