Friday, January 12, 2007

Unsolved Shoe Mystery

How does one go about finding a shoe worn by someone on a television program? While watching Monday's soap opera Guiding Light (which I Tivo'd), one of the characters - 'Tammy' had on the cutest pair of gold pumps. Since the episode was Tivo'd I was able to rewind and pause, and now the shoe is forever ingrained into my memory. It is a closed foot squared-toe gold pump with about a 4 inch (because nothing is shorter than 4 inches anymore) stacked heel and a bedazzled topaz rhinestone square buckle on the top of the foot just below the toes. I've seen similar shoes out there in my search, but not the exact pair. I tried logging onto the soap's website, but no luck. Have you had a similar experience? What was the outcome? Any advice for me?


fashionfoodculture-life said...

I just posted about a website,, that compiles what people are wearing on TV shows. They might have those shoes on the website.

The Girls said...

wow that's so cool, i'll check it out!