Sunday, February 15, 2009

Scarf trend

I did it... I gave in to the triangle-tie scarf trend. You know, the trend where the kids are now tying their scarves like cowboys only it must have a cool pattern and it must be surrounded by fringe. The trend started last fall/winter so I'm a little late, but I typically take a lot of time in considering whether to join 'em or ignore 'em when it comes to trends. For our new spring line our store got in some fabulous scarves and I couldn't help myself when I saw them. I was going out and needed a cool accessory. When I tried it on I felt like I was wearing a bib or was offending Middle Eastern culture, but my coworker convinced me that it looked great on me. Have you given in to this trend?


stylishme said...

I finally gave in too! I actually have this great scarf that my friend bought for me in Spain that is fitting in perfectly. I can't wait to wear it out :)

monica said...

Although I do like scarfs, this particular scarf trend is not for me.