Friday, November 30, 2007

All tied up

I never considered wearing a tie around my neck in the name of fashion, but today I'm sporting one. Saw the most adorable tie at J.Crew and had to purchase it. Since I have no special someone to give it to, I'll just wear it myself! It is red with little martini glasses with a green olive in it; I mean how cute it that?! I was watching the E channel over the weekend and saw a clip of Gwen Stefani wearing a tie. I thought how brilliant does she look, and got me to thinking that I too could pull that look off. It's kind of a difficult look to model because of the fine line the look gives you between femininity and masculinity. Gwen is obviously very feminine so the look is effortless for her. I'm pretty sure I'm workin' it too!

1 comment:

Babs said...

you are so cute! and fashionable!