Saturday, November 10, 2007


My favorite store this season is J.Crew. Have you gone in there lately? They have the most marvelously exciting stuff for fall and winter. First let me start by saying that I did not realize that J.Crew was such one-stop shopping for the entire family. Not only is there a women's and men's line, but a children's line as well. They also carry outerwear, underwear, pajamas, shoes, and of course accessories that include jewelry, tights, scarves, wallets, you name it! The main thing that got my attention at J.Crew is their display window. They have the most bright, colorful, gorgeous outfits put together for all to see. I was immediately drawn to the window and eventually lured to the inside of the store. I have to say that I want one of everything! Well cut jeans, vibrant corduroys, incredibly soft sweaters in a variety of styles and colors including the ever popular argyle. A great business line that includes tailored suit jackets, slacks and skirts. I could go on and on about how I could be in the store for hours on in. I tried on multiple things and everything is a perfect fit! Better believe J.Crew will play an intricate role in my wardrobe this season. They do tend to run expensive price points, but after all the wear I'll get from the clothes it will be worth it. Plus I've notice great sales creeping in at J.Crew as we head towards the holidays. Give them a look.

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