Monday, November 19, 2007

I smell roses!

Congratulations to the BUCKEYES for beating Michigan and claiming the Big Ten championship title outright. The winner of this game is to go and play in the BCS Rose Bowl game. The Buckeyes finished the season 11-1, just shy of being perfect due to dropping a game against Illinois late in the season; A bad time to lose if you're in contention for the BCS championship title game. The season for the Buckeyes has been an over-achieving one. The QB is a junior getting real snaps for the first time on this team, the RB is a young sophomore but played like a senior. The team is a very young team and was expected to play well but not be a factor when talking national championship. That is just a testament to the coach. I cannot express enough about how in love I am with Coach Tressel. He is brilliant! Beyond his impeccable coaching record, he's smart, he's motivating, he's classy, and not to mention he's hot! Yes Coach Tressel steals my heart. Anyway, GO BUCKS!

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