Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Bachelor recap week 8

The title of this episode is "The Women Tell All", and boy did they ever. First the show focused on past bachelors and bachelorettes and their hook-up moments with each other and their charitable contributions to society, but I'm gonna skip all that. The women tell all panel consisted of the fourteen most memorable girls of the season in front of a studio audience. Ali got a lot of screams from the audience after her introduction, which again leads me to say please oh please don't make her the new bachelorette. They first discussed how hot they all think Jake is. Then Ashleigh tried to convince us that she intentionally tripped out of the limo and into Jake's arms at their initial meeting. They talked about psycho Michelle, uber happy Tenley, Elizabeth the tease, drama queen Vienna. A lot of the first segment though focused on Rozlyn; the girl who was kicked off the show for having inappropriate relations with a staff member of the show. Gia said that as Rozlyn's roommate she had a lot of knowledge of her whereabouts. Jessie told us that she actually saw them on the stairs making out. Ella said that Rozlyn told the girls to let the staff member know that she's looking for him to you know...

On this episode we have the girls who were so memorable that they get a special spotlight shown on them by going to the couch to talk to host Chris one-on-one. Gia was first up for this segment of the show. They start out by putting together a heartfelt package of Gia and Jake's time together while we get a picture-in-picture view of Gia's expressions as she's watching it with us. All I could think was don't cry girl don't cry. She held it together. The interview was basic; we knew she had regrets and is sad.

Psycho Michelle is next up in the hot seat, and course she tries to convince us that the editing made her look worse than she is and that she does not need therapy. She said that the show is not designed for one to find love, but Ali knocked that thought process down. Chris asked the other women on the panel if they thought the depiction of Michelle was fair, and the girls agreed it was a fair portrayal.

Ali's turn to get on the couch for the spotlight. She's crying and tells us the decision was very emotional for her, and that she still misses Jake. She tells us she chose her job over Jake because she was afraid to be heartbroken, and her job is a safe haven for her. I hope it keeps her warm at night. Chris asked her about her nemesis Vienna. Ali responds by saying she's disappointed in how she treated Vienna and that we all need to be supportive of Vienna because she is getting trashed in the tabloids. She even looked to the camera and apologized to Vienna while sitting on the couch. Don't make me laugh Ali! Ali said she's going to work now at putting love first, and Chris tells her she has a lot of fans all around the country. I was super team Ali, but her decision making skills leave a lot to be desired.

We come back from commercial break and the cameras are following Rozlyn and a big goon staff member from backstage headed towards the set. So many jokes come to mind right now. Rozlyn comes out to the stage and sits in the hot seat. Chris asks Rozlyn if anything physical with the staff member ever happened in the house and Rozlyn emphatically denied it. Chris compared Rozlyn's story to that of his kid when he has an elaborate story about unicorns and magicians.... Interpretation - Rozlyn you're a liar! Then he brings the women into it and they go to town on Rozlyn one-by-one. Christina admits to seeing Rozlyn and this guy constantly cuddling and thigh rubbing. Jessie tells Rozlyn she saw them kissing on the stairs, and Rozlyn denies it on her child's life! Ella said her two cents and Rozlyn - deny deny deny. Then she asked Chris where were the cameras to catch her so-called love affair. Chris responded by saying the cameras aren't filming 24-hours straight and this staff member more than likely knew where the recorded cameras were in order to sneak around. Rozlyn then took a below-the-belt jab by saying Chris was hitting on the staff member's wife in New Zealand. Chris responded by saying he hopes Rozlyn will become a better person from this. Wow.

Jake is here and he gets a seat next to Chris. Chris gets right into it and asked him about his breakup with Gia. Jake apologized to Gia and reiterated that he made the right decision. Chris then asked Jake about Ali leaving. He told Ali that he hated that she left and thought she would change her mind before the limo took off. He told her he'd always be her friend and Ali had to wipe her tears.

The show ends with a summary of Tenley and Vienna, the two remaining women for Jake to choose to propose. I think it will be Tenley, but he seems to pick Vienna just as everyone thinks it's her last week. Should be good!

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