Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Bachelor recap week 6

It's hometown visit week with the four remaining girls' families. Jake packs up from San Francisco to head to New York City to see Gia. When Jake gets out of the SUV Gia runs to him and straddles him. Why does she always do that? They get on a ferry where they look at the City, ride by the Statue of Liberty and take numerous pictures of the two of them hugging and kissing. At night they go to a restaurant where Gia's mom, step-dad, step-brother, and half brother are waiting. Gia's mom begins the interrogation at the dinner table then eventually takes him away for a private grilling. There Jake admits to her that he's in love with four women although Gia is different and amazing. Meanwhile Gia and her step-brother talk about how much Gia doesn't want to be hurt again and how she desperately hope it works with Jake. Gia's mom, who looks like a cast member from Jersey Shore, tells Gia that she really likes him and that she feels Jake loves her. But Gia's insecurities are kicking in and she's not buying it. Back at the table Gia's step-brother tells Jake that he'll hunt him down and break a few legs if he breaks Gia's heart. A few legs? By the way, did you notice Gia's mom's Fendi Spy bag? Nice. They say their goodbyes to the family then eventually to each other with smooches on a park bench.

Up next Jake is in Williamstown, MA to meet Ali. When he arrives he jumps out of the SUV to run and grab her. He tells her seeing her current town with her last week and now her hometown this week puts her ahead of the other girls. They play outside with the leaves, kiss and hug. Ali later shares with Jake that her grandmother just passed away then she takes him to her house and the burial site, which Jake seemed to be touch by. At night they go to Ali's parents' house where Jake meets her mom, her older sister, and her younger brother. They sit down to dinner where her mom admits to doing a search of Jake online. After talking Ali up, her mom asks Jake to join her outside for a private conversation. There Jake asks Ali's mom for her blessing if he were to offer Ali an engagement ring. Wow I don't recall him asking Gia's parents that question. Ali's mom tells Ali that she looks forward to planning a wedding. Ali and Jake sneak off to talk alone and Ali tells Jake she wants him and if he proposed to her today that she'd say yes. Slow your roll girl. They kiss and say goodbye.

Jake is now in Newberg, OR to see Tenley. The SUV drops Jake off in a park where Tenley goes running into his arms. I just love her hair, and she has on a really cute full-skirt raincoat. They hangout alone in the park where Tenley asks him what role in his decision making do his parents play. Apparently her ex-husband was brainwashed by his parents. Jake admits that he runs almost everything by his parents since they give good advice, but the decision is ultimately his. She said she was happy with his answer, but how could she be? She later takes him to a dance studio where she danced a self choreographed piece for him. She is a beautiful contemporary dancer. They're off to her parents' house where he meets her dad, mom, and younger sister. They sit down at the dinner table where Tenley tells them that on the first night Jake gave her the first impression rose. Tenley's dad tells Jake to follow him to the den for a private chat. He tells Jake they watched the Bachelorette last season and wished Jake for Tenley. Later Tenley and her dad talk about Jake and her dad breaks down and starts crying. Who wants to see their dad cry, but it was touching. At the same time Jake is talking to Tenley's mom about if Tenley is really ready to remarry. Her mom reassures him that Tenley is ready. Outside Jake asks Tenley's dad for his permission to ask Tenley to marry him. Oh my God I guess this means Gia is out, Ali and Tenley are in. Tenley and Jake say goodbye after kissing.

In Sanford, FL Jake is meeting up with Vienna. She shows up with her daisy dukes on running into Jake's arms. They get on a boat where Jake drives them along a river to spot some turtles and alligators. Vienna wishes Jake good luck in talking to her dad just before heading to her parents' house. There Jake meets Vienna's dad, mom, and sister. Vienna and her dad embrace and cry for about two minutes; kind of awkward. Her dad takes her outside and asks how she feels about Jake, and she tells him she has fallen for him. Vienna's dad takes Jake alone to the garage where he tells him that he expects Vienna to be treated like a princess the way he treats her. Jake tells him that he doesn't have to worry and that he has fallen for her. Seemed a bit forced from Jake to me. They had a family sit down where her mom tells Jake that Vienna has always had a hard time with other women and that she fights for what she wants. Jake and Vienna sneak off to a room to make-out and her dad busts in to put an end to it. Nice.

Jake is back at his hotel in Los Angels when he hears a knock at the door. It's Ali and she looks distraught. They sit down and she starts crying admitting that she has the most impossible decision to make. She has to choose between staying at The Bachelor or going back to work to avoid being fired. This is so Ed and Jillian from last season's Bachelorette, only Ali asked Jake to help her make the decision; Ed just left. Jake tells Ali to weigh which decision she'll regret the most, but he cannot guarantee her that he will or will not put an engagement ring on her finger. She said she'll think about it and let him know at the rose ceremony. He walks her out and after he shuts his hotel room door she sits on the middle of the floor and cries out loud.

At the rose ceremony Chris Harrison asks Jake what's going on with Ali. Jake explains the situation and says he'll be devastated if she leaves, but he still doesn't know if she's the one. Chris asked Jake to think about the scenario of him choosing someone else and Ali is left without him and without a job. Jake said he understands the situation, but still wants Ali to stay. Meanwhile the four women are standing there waiting for Jake to come and distribute roses when Ali says, "Chris can I talk to you for a second?" Chris then leads her to the room Jake is in and leaves them to talk for a few minutes. They sit down and Ali says she still doesn't know what to do. Jake tells her he doesn't want her to go, that they have something special, and that she was not on the line for tonight's rose ceremony. She talks it out to herself while crying and laying on Jake. He tells her that if she chooses to leave that he'll be heartbroken. She tells him she loves him, kisses him, then Chris Harrison interrupts asking Ali if she's made a decision. At this point now Jake is crying. Ali turns to Jake while crying and says "I have to go". They hug, she apologizes profusely, then he walks her outside to the limo where she continues to apologize. Away she goes. I was just waiting for her to tell the limo driver to stop because she's changed her mind. Jake leans over on the stair rail crying, but quickly gathers himself. I know the economy is bad and working people are happy to have a job, but I'm sure you can find another job if they're not bluffing once the Bachelor process is over. Chris walks Jake to the remaining three women and tells them Ali has left and there will be no rose ceremony tonight. He leaves Jake to talk to the remaining women. Jake cheerfully tells the girls to come and get their roses and tells them they are all going to St. Lucia... cheers! Meanwhile Ali is in the limo having regrets. Looks like next week she gives him a phone call. Oh boy.

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