Friday, February 05, 2010

The Bachelor recap week 5

This episode was a little less dramatic this week. We begin with the five girls riding in a RV to San Francisco with Ali super excited because she currently lives there. The RV arrives to the hotel where Jake greets them with hugs and smiles. Jake shows them to their room then reveals to us that this week there will be three one-on-one dates and one two-on-one date and no rose to distribute during the dates. He gives a date card for the girls to open after he leaves, which says the first one-on-one date belongs to Tenley followed by lots of squeals.

Jake picks Tenley up and they get on an empty trolley and tour the city; their stop - China Town. They walk around holding hands, playing around, write fortune cookies, etc. Jake tells us that he's realizing the he's starting to fall for Tenley, but he still has ample questions to ask her. Meanwhile back at the girls' hotel room another date card arrives and Corrie reads that it's a two-on-one belonging to Ali and Vienna. It's no secret that Ali despises Vienna so the tension in the room is beyond thick. Ali says out loud, "I feel sick right now". After crazy long silence Corrie yells, "just kidding"! Corrie is cracking up and Ali is relieved beyond words. Vienna says she wants to talk to Gia and Corrie without Ali there, but Ali says if she has something to say to say it to her face. Then they go on and on about Jake is not the one for you... you either! By the way, what's with Vienna's makeup? She makes herself look like she has two black eyes. Back to Jake and Tenley's date; they have dinner on the roof with a view of the city. Here he bombards her with questions about her past marriage and past mistakes she's made. Then she asked him since he's a pilot how he feels about fidelity. Then they open the fortune cookies they made earlier and the make-out session begins with a symphony cover of Jeffrey Osborne's On The Wings Of Love playing in the background.

Right before the two-on-one date, which is really with Gia and Vienna by the way, a chest filled with clothes arrives for the two of them to pick out an outfit for the date. They jump in a limo, which takes them to a castle in the middle of a wine vineyard. Jake takes both of their hands and leads them to the top where they have wine. Of course Vienna takes over and Gia is standing there quiet and pretty much invisible. She's talking Jake's ears off even mentioning how much Ali hates her, and sheds some fake tears to gain sympathy. Jake recognizes this and asks Gia to come with him for some alone time. He reassures Gia by telling her he's falling for her and they make-out. While Vienna is sitting there alone she gets it in her head to interrupt them and take over. She takes a lantern and ventures off through the dark castle yelling his name. While Gia and Jake are kissing they hear Vienna calling his name. They stop making out and position themselves to scare her lifeless. She screams and tells Jake she was scared of being there alone in the dark. Gia leaves them alone and there is awkward tension while Jake and Vienna are talking. Vienna tells Jake she's falling for him and he laughs it off. He barely says a word to her during their alone time. He later leads them to their room and hugs them goodnight and goes off to his room. Vienna with another bright idea decides to grab a bottle of wine and trace off to Jake's room and interrupt his resting. The look on his face was not one of happiness to see someone he's into. He even said to her that he wonders what Gia is thinking about Vienna being in his room. He tells her to leave. This girl is so stupid and annoying.

Corrie gets the next one-on-one date. She meets him in a park where they go canoeing. I love canoeing! In the middle of the lake they talk and have a good time, like you would with your brother. But then he leans in close and they stare each other down for like 100 seconds. Jake breaks the tension with "I'm ready for dinner". Awkward! They go to the Science Center for their dinner. They have wine and more conversation where Corrie reveals that she is saving herself for marriage. All of Jake's questions are answered after that revelation, then he finally kisses her.

The next day is Ali's one-on-one date with Jake. She's excited because she gets to show him her everyday life. He comes to the hotel to pick her up and off they go to her neighborhood. They walk by a flower stand and he buys her a bouquet to which she approves of his selection. They stop for brunch, conversation, and kisses. After full stomachs they walk along a pier then stop at an open field and mess around with what appears to be a random soccer ball. They put down a blanket and Jake lays his back down while Ali sits on top of him and attempts to massage his chest. Then he pulls her towards him and they make-out as he's feeling her up... Get a room! But they stop for him to bring up her thoughts on his continuing to choose Vienna at the rose ceremonies. She said she's over it and for him to do whatever he feels. Then they run into the sand and water with her suede boots on! You know Gia would have been like, hold on let me take off my shoes.

Rose ceremony cocktail party time. He makes a speech saying that he's fallen for each girl, and the girls give each other the crazy eyes. He first takes Tenley aside for a private chat. After he reassures her that he's falling for her they dance (to no music playing). Next he takes Corrie away for some privacy. There she tells Jake not to get nervous that she's a virgin, he said he's not. He then pulls Gia for a private chat and she revealed that he passed the character test with him throwing Vienna out of his room after the two-on-one date. He seemed happy to hear that. Next he asks Vienna to follow him somewhere. They actually leave the party and go to his room! He takes her to his balcony and they make-out after a little conversation.

Time to distribute roses. The four women who get roses tonight will get to take Jake home to meet her family. First is Tenley, second Ali, third Gia. No surprise so far. Every week seems like it's going to come down to Vienna and someone else. He chooses Vienna and Corrie is sent home in tears. He tells us it just didn't feel right with he and Corrie and that she took so long to open up to him. Next week should be interesting with the hometown dates.

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