Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Bachelor recap week 7

We start with Jake in his St. Lucia room recapping his time with the three remaining women: Gia, Tenley, and Vienna. He tells us that he's baffled that Ali is really gone. Then they actually cut to Ali in her San Francisco home. She tells us that her job means nothing without love in her life and that she's going to fight for Jake by telling him how she feels. Oh boy, don't do it!

Jake's first date in St. Lucia is with Gia, the 26 year old swimsuit model. They greet each other with hugs and kisses, then head to the market via boat. They interact with the locals, drink from a coconut, and dance in the streets. They put on their bathing suits, jump in the water and make-out while the sun sets. At night they change into their evening clothes, but her hair is distracting me. She has on a bedazzled headband with a handful of bang in her face that has been affected by the humidity. They tell each other about themselves while having dinner and how they would be with their partner. Gia is amazed that Jake knows what he wants in a partner, but I don't understand why since he's been expressing himself throughout the entire process. She might be a little slow. They get in a hammock and drink champagne, then he does it; Jake gives Gia the fantasy suite card. As she reads it aloud her voice irks me more and more. Jake asks if she wants to spend the night with him in the fantasy suite and Gia says yes. They strip down to their bathing suits and get in the rose pedaled bubble bath and make-out. He tells us he could propose to her.

Jake's second date in St. Lucia is with Tenley, the 25 year old college admissions clerk. They greet each other with hugs and kisses in a grass field, where stands a helicopter. He takes her up and they fly around the island then land to have a picnic. She asks him how he'll pursue her when this process is over. He replies by picking up and taking her somewhere via plane. Then he says in 20 years he'll still have a boy crush on his wife. Um how do you know what you'll feel in 20 years? They walk on the black sand holding hands; they get in their bathing suits and head to the water. They make-out while in the water and she calls him a naughty boy. At night they get dressed up and head to a private dinner. They hold hands and talk about falling in love with each other. Then he asks her to dance (to no music) and dips her numerous times, which leads her to say to him "dip me forever". Back at the table he tells her he has something to give her that he's really excited about. She reads the fantasy suite card and tells him yes she'll stay with him overnight.  They tour the room and she reminds him that she doesn't do this with just anyone.   They jump in their private pool and make-out. 

The final date in St. Lucia is with Vienna, the 23 year old marketing representative. They are at a dock staring at the ship that was used in the movie Pirates Of The Caribbean.  She's super (annoyingly) giggly and he calls her playful and kiddish.  They lie down and make-out on the ship (get a room).  Jake puts on a bandanna, holds a plastic machete and acts like a pirate.  They jump in the water from the ship and laugh and play.  I cannot stand her smile;  It looks so forced and fake.  They lay on the beach and make-out and play in the sand and water.  At night they get dressed in evening wear and head to dinner.  I just don't understand why her makeup never changes.  He asks her when she wants to start having kids and if she's really ready to be married.  He asks her what she's expecting from a marriage.  He asks her what kind of engagement ring she would like.  If he chooses her I'm going to die (I sound like Ali)!  She asks him if he could see her as his wife.  He answers yes, but he has fallen for the other two women too.  She tells him she cannot see her life without him in it and that she is in love with him.  He thanks her and gives her the fantasy suite card.  She says yes and they head off.  Without hesitation she goes off and changes into a white nightie and they go the rose pedal covered bed and make-out.  She interrupts the make-out session by getting up to close the door on the cameras.  Good-night.

The next day as Jake is getting dressed his room phone rings and it's Ali on the other end.  She tells him that she's a mess and that she now knows she made the wrong choice.  She tells him that she wants to come back and he shouldn't let her fear and her mistake prevent them from finding out if the two of them are really a match.  He's silent.  She continues to apologize and tells him she doesn't want to be a workaholic.  She asks him to let her come back to see her even for just a second.  She tells him her feelings for him are even stronger.  She's clearly doing most of the talking.  He thanks her and tells her how hurt he was when she left.  He tells her the week they missed together was a critical week and that he's in love with the other women.  She said she'll forever regret that decision.  They hang up.  What a dummy.  Should have thought of the repercussions.  I really hope she's not the next bachelorette. 

Jake finishes getting dressed after that rude interruption.  He meets host Chris Harrison to discuss the week with the girls.  Then he leaves Jake to reflect, stare at pictures, and listen to the girls' video plea.  As he's watching the videos the girls arrive one-by-one for the rose ceremony.  Chris Harrison greets the women, reminds them that one girl will be going home then introduces Jake. Jake gives the first rose to Tenley, no surprise. The second rose goes to....... Vienna! He's going to marry Tenley or Vienna. Gia is going home. He takes Gia's hand and walks her to a bench to speak privately. She is sweating profusely, but I love that she's trying not to cry. He tells her his feelings for the other two women are stronger. She tells him that she understands because the two remaining girls are great girls. Wow what a good sport. She tells us that she's shocked and disappointed. Jake goes back and hugs the last two girls who are grinning ear-to-ear. He tells them they will finally get to meet his family. Next week is the reunion with the dumped 23 girls. Should be good.

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