Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Bachelor recap week 4

Oh my goodness what an episode! After only four weeks this season is ranked up there as one of the top bachelor seasons in my opinion. We start with host Chris Harrison arriving at the remaining nine girls' house telling them there will be one one-on-one date, one group date, and one two-on-one date meaning from this last date one of the girls will definitely be leaving that night. He then tells the girls, "everything is about to change". The girls run outside to discover two RVs which will be their new quarters. Then Ella makes some comments that made me think, is she really this country? Anyway, the girls get in the RVs to start the week's road trip. RV1 resides Ali, Tenley, Jessie, Kathryn, and Ella. RV2 contains Vienna, Gia, Corrie, and Ashleigh. Ali and Tenley are super excited that they are not in the same RV as Vienna, and the feeling is mutual. The girls then start fantasizing that the two-on-one date will belong to Ali and Vienna, which to Gia is equivalent to a Tyson/Holyfield match.

As the RVs drive up the California coast the scene is gorgeous. They arrive to a vineyard in Santa Ynez where Jake is standing there waiting. Jake says hi and later leaves for his tent, but before he leaves he hands Gia a date card and tells her to read it after he's long gone. Gia reads the card to everyone revealing she is the lucky girl who gets the one-on-one date. She's contemplating how to dress for a date on camp grounds. To stiletto or not to stiletto. Jake arrives to pick Gia and her Louis bag up on his motorcycle then they play hide-n-seek in the middle of the vineyard. After the childish game is over they head to a picnic where cheese, wine and intimate conversation are waiting for them. To continue with the childish games they play spin-the-bottle with the empty wine bottle. His idea after Gia told him a childhood story. Way to get a first kiss from your potential wife. At sundown Jake starts a fire and makes Gia hotdogs and roasted marshmallows. Then Gia tells Jake she wants to have a long engagement, is willing to move to Texas (where he lives) and wants children including through adoption. Jake and Gia seemed to have good chemistry on the camping date, which led to him offering her the rose to which she accepts. During the acceptance kiss the background music is a piano cover of Jeffrey Osborne's On The Wings Of Love, yeah seriously. Back at the RV the group date card arrives telling us that Jessie, Ashleigh, Tenley, Ali, Vienna, and Corrie do not have to worry about going on the two-on-Jake date. Who's left? Kathryn and Ella. Huh, but he's been on a one-on-one date already with Ella. Why did he choose her again for this date? She's pretty shocked and seems upset knowing that she could go home early.

The next day the RV ventures up the coast to destination Pismo Beach. On the way RV1 goes on and on about how much they disapprove Vienna's continuance in Jake's selection. I'm still not sure what this girl has done to them for them to hate her so much. Jake takes the six girls to the beach where dune buggies await. They fight over who is going to drive one and who is going to be Jake's passenger. Ali wins as Jake's passenger and Vienna says to us that she's fine with her being his passenger now because she's going to be his wife later. After that activity they head over for sand surfing. Jake ends up rolling around in the sand with Tenley and the girls stared with envy. During sunset they head over to a table with fruit and wine then he says to the girls, "lets roll down the sand hill. Corrie was the only one to jump up and join him and got some alone time with him.

They later arrive at an Inn for dinner where the girls could get cleaned up and beautified. He takes each girl for a private conversation, which Ashleigh was up first. Ashleigh was practically throwing herself at him. Her head was tilted and up in his face the whole time just begging to be kissed, which she was... on the cheek. There was no conversation, just awkward silence and her caressing his leg and hip. She tells us she doesn't want to come off and desperate, but guess what... she did. Jake tells us he thinks Ashleigh is hot but is not feeling any chemistry with her. Up next he asks Vienna, but she declines. She tells him she wants to talk to him last. He is taken aback but then asked Ali talk with him, which goes well. Tenley is up next and he seems really relaxed with her. So much so that he lies his head in her lap. They later makeout. They don't show him talk to Jessie, I guess uneventful. Last is Vienna at her request. He tells her that she brings on the drama she's receiving from the other women. She played dumb and only get a peck from him. He later gives the group rose to Tenley. Vienna's "go last" plan completely backfired. What was she thinking?

The two-on-one date card comes from Chris Harrison reminding them that one of the girls will be going home that night. The next day the RVs get going back up the California coast to Big Sur. As the ladies sit around outside waiting for Ella and Kathryn to leave for their date with Jake, Tenley laughs that she doesn't know what to say when there's a 50% chance one of the them is leaving. The other girls stare at Tenley in disgust wondering why she's laughing. Ella and Kathryn arrive at Jake's cabin for dinner. The date is going pretty tense and serious. Ella asks Jake what he's looking for in a relationship and a wife, then Jake asks her the same question. Ella is going on and on and Kathryn is feeling left out. To add fuel to the fire he asks Ella outside for some privacy. Ella proclaims to Jake that she's the whole package. He then reveals that he asked her on this second date because he wants to know as soon as possible if she's the one so that if she's not he can send her home to be back with her son. Honorable I suppose. He finally gets some private time with Kathryn where she spends most of it complaining that she feels invisible around him at all times. She came off as too harsh revealing too much of her frustration at the wrong time. He's a gentleman so he apologized for making her feel that way and called her beautiful like five times. Jake takes time alone then heads back to the table with the two girls together. He asks Ella again to join him outside alone and ends it with her. He tells her his feelings for some of the other girls are stronger than for her. She told him to be wise and he walks her to the limo. Bye-bye country bumpkin. Back to the table where Kathryn is waiting and smiling, Jake dumps her too! He tells her his heart says he's not the guy for her. She tells him he's making a mistake and gets walked to another limo. Back at the RV the girls notice that Ella's belongings are taken by the show's goons, which they are sad about... But hold on, Kathryn's bags are removed too! The remaining girls can't believe it. This man means business, but why did he have to throw the ungiven rose into the fire and watch it burn?!

This turn of events leaves only one girl who has to leave at the rose ceremony. The girls sit in the RV guessing who that one girl leaving will be. Of course they're hoping it'll be Vienna, and with her behavior at the Inn their wish may come true. At the cocktail party Corrie takes him aside and tries to open up. She asked him if she makes him feel nervous. After saying no Jake tried to clean it up by saying he wants her to like him. Corrie is annoying me this week. Ali tells Jake that she is falling for him during their private time. They makeout. The producers finally show Jake and Jessie's private time because it's all consumed with her telling Jake that Vienna is not the one for him. He's confused as to why. Jessie tells him that Vienna is spoiled and selfish and Jake will end up being a "daddy" to Vienna. Jake thanked her and gave her a friendzone hug. Vienna is up next and doing most of the talking, i.e. trying to dig herself out of a grave. Again they are talking about what the other girls are saying to him about her. He reassures her that he forms his own opinions, but she leaves him nervous and unconfident.

Lets distribute the roses! Gia and Tenley already have one. Ali is the first name he calls, no surprise. Then Corrie - boo. Two roses three girls. He angrily grabs a rose from the plate and stares down at the floor and side to side, then the background music stops! "Ladies I need just a minute", Jake says and he puts the rose back and leaves the set! The girls are staring at each other in confusion. The unsteady camera follows Jake to a woman talking into her headset to find Chris Harrison because Jake needs to talk to him. She leads Jake out a door to Chris Harrison where Jake asks for his advice. Jake says to Chris there is one woman he knows he does not want to be with and maybe two, and asked if he has to give out the remaining two roses. Chris Harrison tells him if that's what he wants they will take one rose away and Jake only has to hand out one more rose, which means two women will be going home. And the final rose of the night goes to..... VIENNA! Of course the remaining four girls are shocked and upset that he chose her. Jake tells Jessie that he appreciates what she told him about Vienna and tells Ashleigh that the chemistry wasn't quite there. Ashleigh storms out and walks out to the street. Where is she going? Maybe Kathryn got her limo since that dumping was unexpected.

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Girl you are TOO crazy. I would never have to watch this show with your crazy detailed, novel like episode "recaps"! LOL. I of course do not watch this show at all but seriously... there is a girl named Vienna? She just sounds like a slut, hahahaha.