Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Bachelor recap week 3

I'm still coming off the high from the show dumping Rozlyn for her transgressions, and Chris (the host) suspects the remaining 12 girls are too. He comes to the house and talks about everyone moving on and telling them there will be two one-on-one dates and one group date. The first date belongs to Vienna all by her lonesome. Loon Michelle tells us that she thinks Vienna is ugly. Ali tells us that choosing to go on a date with Vienna is surprising to her. Jake and Vienna ride off on his motorcycle as the girls watch from the door. As they sit and wait, a helicopter comes to pick them up in which Jake tells Vienna their destination is a surprise. Back at the girls' house poolside they talk about how Vienna is such a bad match for Jake and if he likes her there is no way he's going to like any of the remaining girls. What has this girl done to make them feel and talk this way? On the helicopter ride it looks as if Jake is not feeling her. He's looking out the opposite window from where Vienna is sitting, his arms are folded, there was even a moment when he put his hand to his chin like he was bored or distraught. Then he reveals that he really isn't enjoying the helicopter ride. Wow, does this mean he already knows she's not the one? But hold on, he then admits they are going bungy jumping and he is very very afraid of heights. A pilot afraid of heights? That's comforting. As they are getting wrapped up with the bungy cord Jake is literally having a nervous breakdown. He's shaking, crying, looking up to the sky. Geesh I'm scared for him, but they jump. Their bodies just-ah jerking all around from the cord. Man that does not look fun. Then with the blood rushing to their heads from hanging upside down they kiss - their first kiss. After all the excitement they have a calm night with food, wine, conversation, and kissing.

Back at the girls' house the group date card arrives stating that tomorrow's date will consist of Corrie, Elizabeth, Ali, Tenley, Ashleigh, Jessie, Kathryn, and loon Michelle. They begin talking again about how much of a bad person and match Vienna is and how surprised they all will be to see her come back to the house with a rose. Of course on the date Vienna and Jake get into the hot tub for more making out, which leads to her getting the rose. She annoys me for some reason, but they do seem to be getting along nicely. She walks into the house holding the rose proud. The girls are sitting around when she arrives and asks her how the date was. She goes into plenty of detail about the date, which sounded a lot like bragging but I suppose that's understandable since it is a competition.

The eight girls arrive to Universal City to meet Jake for the group date. They head to a comedy club where Jon Lovitz tells them that they will be going on stage and doing an individual set in front of an audience. The girls are terrified, which I would be too but Ashleigh is sobbing. Tears really? Finally back at the house the date box comes revealing who is getting the other one-on-one date with Jake this week. It's Ella leaving Gia and Valishia kicked to the curb. At the comedy club Jon Lovitz calls each girl one at a time to come to the stage to do her comedy set. Elizabeth gets on stage where every third word out of her mouth was bleeped. Jake raised a suspicious eyebrow to that since she acted like a prude the week before. Jon Lovitz calls Ashleigh to come to the stage and she didn't move from her chair. Guess she's not going to participate. Michelle was weird as usual and the crowd all but booed her off the stage. The seven girls all seem to get a kick out of Corrie's performance the most especially since she was mostly dogging out Vienna. Jake noticed the girls were cracking up and was so confused about it. Jon Lovitz again calls Ashleigh to the stage and she comes out this time and does a good job with some blond jokes. Was that so hard drama queen?

The after-party is at the Roosevelt where the champagne was flowing. Tenley took him away for some alone time to tell him she used to be married and the marriage ended because her husband left her for another woman. She was really upset while telling Jake, which was really heartfelt. Jake seemed sensitive to it then planted a kiss on her. Ashleigh got some alone time with Jake and told him that if he likes Vienna then he most likely will not like her because she has nothing in common with Vienna. Pretty bold move on Ashleigh's part. Of course Jake wanted an explanation and was surprised by how much no one likes Vienna. Cut to the three girls at the house not on the group date yelling at Vienna. Vienna then barks that all the girls in the house are fake and storms off. Back at the party Ali got some alone time with Jake and talked about how much fun they had on their one-on-one date. She too told Jake how she disapproved of Jake giving Vienna a rose. I really like Ali. So far I think she's a top two contender. The seven girls had a toast to Corrie exposing Vienna. The eighth girl loon Michelle, not so much. She said she wants to focus all her time and energy on Jake. The loon continued to tell us that she's ready to get married and have a baby because everyone in her family told her she's ready and it's her turn. We now know the source to her fragile state of mind. Elizabeth notices that loon Michelle doesn't need a husband, she needs a therapist. I couldn't agree more.

Loon Michelle finally gets her alone time with Jake where she informs him that she's been crying. She tells him she's not over-emotional or dramatic that she's just here for love, but as she's telling him this she's coming off as over-emotional and dramatic. Then she violates woman's rule #3: she tells him that she "really, really, really wants a husband. His response, "I believe you"! I'm dying of laughter at this point! Then (insert inappropriate time) she asks for a kiss. He obliges with a long peck. Her mouth open his not at all. She tells him to give her a little more than that, but he tells her he wants this night to be over. She tells him she can't stay because not being able to kiss him the way she really wants hurts her. BUT, she'll stay if he wants her too. Why do women play such games? Well she loses the game and he tells her it's best if she leaves. OMG the loon is gone! After walking her out Jake tells the seven women that he won't wait for a rose ceremony if he knows immediately that someone is not the one for him. Then he told them he's not giving out a rose tonight and left.

Time for Ella's one-on-one date. Jake comes to the house and picks her up in a helicopter which heads to Sea World. They sit down on park bench and Ella's son comes running up to her. Surprise! Jake's birthday present to her, reminiscent of The Bachelor season 13 with Jason. The three of them look to have a good time at the park, it was really cute to see. Ella learned how Jake would interact with her son and Jake learned that Ella wants more kids. After some alone time he gives her the rose.

Time for the rose ceremony cocktail party. Jake takes Elizabeth first for alone time where she gets touchy feely and flirty. He called her the queen of mixed signals, then they were interrupted by Vienna which made Elizabeth pissed since the conversation between she and Jake turned serious. She ran off and cried to some of the girls about Jake calling her a tease and how she couldn't defend herself because of Vienna's interruption. Meanwhile Vienna, who already has a rose, wants to talk to Jake about what the girls in the house have been saying to him about her. He told her not to worry about it and stay focused, which made her feel better. Ali went to Vienna and scolded her for taking up alone time when she already has a rose. Elizabeth finally got to talk to him again about his thoughts that she's a tease and the confusion she has bestowed upon him. The writing is on the wall - say goodbye.

Time to give out roses. Since loon Michelle is gone, two girls now have to be sent home. He indicated to the two women who will be sent home that the decision was difficult. And now the rose distribution leaves Elizabeth and Valishia going home. Not at all surprising, although I wish he would have kept Valishia and dumped Jessie. Valishia's so pretty, but he didn't spend anytime with her. Elizabeth was surprised though. She approached him with a "what happened?" What do you think dummy.

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