Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Bachelor recap week 2

This week's episode Jake has selected the 15 girls who he has decided to "get to know better". Chris Harrison, the host, came in to explain the process to the girls and to advise them to take advantage of the time they get with Jake because not everyone will get a date with him each week. I don't understand why everyone doesn't get to go on at least a group date every week; talk about set up for failure.

The first group date consisted of Gia, Rozlyn, Valishia, Corrie, Christina, and Ashleigh. Jake showed up to the house and escorted them via Cadillac limo to a hotel in Santa Monica. There they met Hal, the fashion director for InStyle magazine, who tells them that they are going to be photographed individually and featured in the magazine. You can imagine the squeals that followed the revelation. The girls were then set up in full clothes, hair, and makeup. Rozlyn was first to shoot and when she lifted up her leg her who-ha was blurred out! The remaining girls were uneventful, except Jake had to coddle Christina due to her discomfort. On to the wrap party where one rose sits awaiting an owner. Ashleigh is the first one to steal Jake away and also the first one to bare a bikini. Meanwhile back at the girls' house a date box comes revealing that one of the girls will have a one-on-one date with him, and during that date she'll get to wear a crazy gorgeous diamond necklace. It's later revealed that Ali gets the real date. At the wrap pool party Rozlyn seems to be getting most of Jake's attention. In the pool she's practically sitting on his lap, then she steals him away and plants her tongue down his throat. The slob-down led to the group date rose being given to her.

The next day Ali, the diamond necklace, and Jake take a motorcycle to a small airplane where he takes her up and flies over L.A. to Palm Springs while, brace yourself, On The Wings Of Love by Jeffrey Osborne plays in the background. At dinner Ali reveals that all of her ex-boyfriends have names that start with the letter J. She looked at it as fate. Fate that she'll be dumped by another guy whose name starts with the letter J! She got the date rose and kisses, then off to a private concert featuring old-school band Chicago. Another date box comes back at the girls' house to state that Elizabeth, Jessie, Kathryn, Ashley, and Vienna will be the second group date for the week revealing that Michelle, Ella, and Tenley will not have a date with Jake.

The second group date arrives at Six Flags amusement park where the park is closed to the public and they ride roller coaster after roller coaster. Elizabeth later tells Jake not to kiss her until he only wants to kiss her and no one else, and guess what she got the group rose. While Jake enjoys his time with the five girls, Michelle is back at the house packing up threatening to leave because she hasn't had anytime with Jake. Crazy loon isn't going anywhere.

At the rose ceremony cocktail party Michelle divulged to Jake that she was about to voluntarily leave. He didn't seem too broken up about it. I thought she was going to lose it though when Kathryn stole him from their conversation. Later on Chris, the host, asks to speak to Rozlyn alone. OMG! Chris nervously says to Rozlyn that he knows she had a relationship with a staffer of the show upon arriving here. The staffer is no longer working on the show (fired!) and Rozlyn also can no longer continue on the show and must leave immediately. OMG! Chris then goes and pulls Jake aside to tell him the severity of the issue. Jake looked sincerely hurt from the news. Meanwhile the camera and some goon is upstairs in the bedroom as Rozlyn packs up her stuff... Awkward! Chris and Jake talk to the remaining women and explain what happened with Rozlyn. Jake asked the women to speak now if they feel they are having any concerns about continuing. Of course crazy Michelle had to chime in blah blah blah. Lucky for them now only two women have to go home tonight instead of three. Good bye Christina and Ashley.

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