Sunday, April 04, 2010

What time is it

I thought I knew the time then I looked my at watch and it said 2:00pm, the same time it said when I looked at my watch say two hours ago?! I took it to a watch repair shop thinking I only needed a battery. He said no it's, actually I don't know what he said the problem was because it sounded like Greek. My watch is so old that I told him not to fix it, that I'll just buy myself a new one with Michael Kors in the back of my mind. I have been obsessed with Michael Kors watches lately. They're so big and bold that I don't know if my tiny wrist can pull it off, but I want one and I need it in gold. These are the one's I like best. They go for around $250.


Tiffany {Beauty Board} said...

I love the Micheal Kors watches. I want one too...The gold and white are my favorites!

stylishme said...

Ever since we walked into the MK store in Charlotte I have wanted one too. Did you see my chat status the other day? It was like 'I want a big, white boyfriend watch... preferably Michael Kors!" LOL. Great minds think alike.