Thursday, June 03, 2010

Recycle your ex-bf

Did you guys watch the premiere episode of Downtown Girls on MTV? It comes on after The City so it was easy for me to tune in. The show is about the lives of five single professional cute girls. Shallon is a writer for and does the voice-over on the show. She is quite the funny character too. The inspiration for posting about the show is the fact that the girls had a "recycle your ex" party where each girl brings an ex-boyfriend with them to the party and the other single girls can pounce on him in hopes of making a love connection. The idea is a great thought but with lots and lots of flaws. First of all why would I want to date my bff's ex-boyfriend?!!! Isn't that the number one girl rule for dating? Since I'm single it led me to think: why didn't they just have a mixer where each single girl brings a single male FRIEND-zone to the party who the girls can hopefully mate with? Of course the party was a disaster. The girls ended up hooking up with (surprise) their own ex-boyfriends, and one girl hooked up with one of her friend's ex's which really turned the party sour. In the end, it didn't work and the girls met the next day to confirm that they do not want each other's leftovers.

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