Thursday, October 23, 2008

Winter White Boot

My girlfriend is in the process of purchasing a hot knee-high boot in white. Before pulling the trigger on the purchase she is wondering what outfits she can wear with them. Therefore I will take it upon myself to come up with some suggestions on how to wear them without looking like Halloween. FYI, I cannot wait for Halloween this year! The white long boot can be worn with dresses, skirts, short pants, and jeans.

Dresses: Can be worn mini, at the knee, or below the knee. At the risk of looking like a street walker the mini dress should not be form-fitting. The mini dress you choose should be loose and flowy. The empire waist cut in a mini is a good way to accomplish the loose and flowy look. Another option with the mini dress should be one with a lot of volume. For example ruffles, pleats, and chunky oversize knits are good here. A superb dress option cut at the knee is a belted shirt-dress. In the right fabric this look paired with a knee-high boot is perfection. Below the knee I'm giving the approval for a form-fitting dress. In the right cut a form-fitting dress not hitting past the end of your calve is a sexy silhouette. I also adore dresses hitting below the knee in a ball gown silhouette with a knee-high boot. Before you gasp let me explain! It has to be the right fabric like cotton or raw silk so that the look is a little less formal than an actual ball gown. Donna Karen and Bottega Veneta do this look fabulously.

Skirts: We can apply pretty much the same rules as with dresses. Minis should be worn voluminously like the bubble skirt or pleated skirt. At the knee a skinny or pencil skirt works well with a knee-high boot. Dolce & Gabbana is showing long skirts below the knee this season that have shape and volume to them, and it looks great.

Short pants: Pants above the ankle and below the knee can be worn with this boot. I'm a fan of the pant being tight or loose. Both looks work well here.

Jeans: This neutral cotton pant are a no brainer. Jeans can be worn with nearly anything. Tuck a skinny jean into the boot, or a short-pant jean left over the boot. You could do a jean or corduroy skirt too as long as the skirt hits to the knee or right above (no minis here). That paired with tights is a hot look.

I want to talk about color now. First of all, know that you can wear white shoes and boots anytime even after Labor Day. Vibrant colors like purple, raspberry, green, and orange are everywhere for fall. With dresses I prefer colorful prints to solid colors, however solid colors work with a white boot too. With the skirt option I like more of a solid or neutral color here and jazz up the look in a top with a vibrant solid color or colorful print. This holds true with short pants and jeans as well. I prefer a lighter denim wash with a white boot, but dark denim works as well most likely paired with a colorful print top with white included in the pattern. Another example is to do a pencil skirt in tan with a green, brown, and white top and brown tights. So there are lots of options and looks that go very nicely with a knee-high winter white boot.


Cris Lazoru said...

What a complete post, very informative!


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I don't know if I'd have the confidence to pull them off!