Monday, October 20, 2008

Behind the backup

We're almost into November and I'm still reading my fashion magazines from June! I've been a little busy which has significantly backed me up, but there is an upside. In reading June magazine issues in October you actually get to read and view the fall fashion trends and what you should be wearing right now. I mean how annoying is it to be in sunny steaming hot June reading about the fall collections? Maybe it's just me but I want to think about fall in the fall! Not only am I very behind in my magazine issues, but I've found a designer who is proliferating my problem - Catherine Holstein. Holstein, who is only 24, is mentioned in Elle's June issue as showing her first full collection at NY fashion week. One particular look has managed to have the pages of my Elle issue come to a complete halt! I cannot turn the page because I can't stop staring at what she's calling the bubble coat. I love love love it, don't you? I have to have it!

See her entire fall collection at

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